Scapular Question


I was considering being vested in the brown scapular, but I was wondering about scapular medals. Is it proper to wear one instead of the scapular, and also, do the medals have to be blessed before you wear them? I’ve heard both. Thanks!


Yes, it’s fine to wear a scapular medal after being invested in the cloth one. Also, whereas once you are invested in the cloth scapular you don’t need to get any future ones blessed, you need to get each scapular medal blessed (each time). Too, you will see that some websites try to discourage scapular medals saying that no miracles have been reported with the medals as opposed to the cloth scapulars where there have been miracles reported. I don’t know for sure that that is the case since I haven’t researched that.:shrug:


It is preferable to wear the cloth scapular because of the idea behind “putting on the yoke of Christ” which is included in the brown scapular spirituality. A yoke is something placed on one’s shoulders. The scapular medal came about because it became a problem in mission countries where the temperature can become very hot and individuals developed problems with wearing cloth scapulars. But to answer your question, you can wear either one. Once you are enrolled, you don’t have to have new scapulars blessed. It is the person wearing that gets blessed not the item. To read more on the ritual and meaning of the Brown Scapular go to this Carmelite website.
Hope this helps.


Hi Kristy. I agree with what “Sister Helena” says. I have nothing against the medal… but I hope that you will try the cloth scapular, first.

It takes a little “getting used to”. But it can be done! :wink: I’m so used to mine now, it’s like a part of me. I feel naked without it. :smiley:


Thanks for all your responses! It really helps!


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