scapular question

what is meant by “enrolled” when talking of the scapular and do you wear it when you sleep?

Enrollment is a rite performed by a qualified priest which culminates in him placing the scapular around your neck. The result is that you receive the spiritual benefits associated with the scapular. A qualified priest has the authority to enroll people in a particular scapular. I’m not 100% sure, but I believe any priest can enroll people in the Brown Scapular. When I was a kid, we were all enrolled in the Brown Scapular right before we received our First Holy Communion.

I always wear my Brown Scapular, except in the shower (unless I’m going to wash it – it’s sturdy enough to stand getting wet).

ok thank you. i was reading in the thread about do you wear a medal or cross and was sure want that meant. i bought a brown scapular yesterday and was wearing it, just wanted to make sure i was not missing something. thanks

:thumbsup: (same here).

I have a 4-way medal which I believe includes the images of the scapular. Should I find a priest who can enroll me? I wear this medal every day.

You must be enrolled wearing a wool scapular first…then every subsequent wool scapular you ever wear of that color through the years(brown is the most common, which is what I am enrolled in) retains the blessing and benefits of the original scapular and the confraternity…if you decide to start wearing one of the non-wool versions (not sure what they are called or what they are made of…or even the various options), you do not have to be re-enrolled, but each new one must be blessed prior to its us.


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