scapular question

Two of my children wear a Brown Scapular, and after having to replace them several times due to the rough lives of young children, I bought them scapular medals on heavy chains. I was told by somebody that using the approved medals is strongly discouraged, so I have been trying to do a bit of research. I have read the papal document authorizing the medal, and see no indication that it is discouraged at all, let alone strongly. Other sources have said that “Popes have discouraged it” or that it is to be done only in “extreme” cases, or sometimes I’ve seen for “good” reasons. None of these sources have cited any official documents regarding this. Is there somebody here who has knowledge of actual teaching on this matter? I always figured that it is a private devotion and the choice of authorized ways to wear it would be up to the wearer.

Scroll to the end of this official catechesis on the Brown Scapular by both branches of the Carmelite Order in North America.

The very last question pertains to the wearing of the medal. It seems that “due to the rough lives of young children” would be a good reason for them to wear the medal.

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