Scapular & World Apostolate of Fatima (aka Blue Army)


I am reading more and more about the role of Mary and the many misunderstandings regarding her place within the church. Official doctrine is quite clear that she points the way to Christ, acts only under Christ, has no power to save (etc).

I was wondering about the following:

  • Does anyone here wear a scapular. Can you tell me what difference it has made to you and whether it has helped or hampered in terms of apologetics with non Catholics.

  • Does anyone belong to the World Apostolate of Fatima (aka the Blue Army). If so can you describe how that has aided your faith and whether you share the message of Fatima with non Catholics. I understand the Apostolate was raised to a Public Association of the Faithful (one of only 11 organizations with that designation).

The two tie in since WAF requires wearing the Brown Scapular. I have read some of the stories surrounding people who have worn the scapular (interesting).


I am genuinely interested in this aspect of faith (Scapular is from 1200’s) and I find praying the Rosary very helpful in focusing on Christ (aspects of His ministry). I have read about JP II’s deep devotion to Mary (his own mother died when he was very young) and how he credited Our Lady of Fatima with saving his life during the assassination attempt.


I wore the brown scapular for years, fell away from it, but am seriously considering returning to it. What is it you would like to know? I’d be happy to help if I could, but as always, am reluctant to share too much, as every time I get into one of these sorts of conversations, several non-Catholics jump in and start attacking.

Perhaps email would be the way to go. I don’t have much patience in these forums these days.

I agree, the Rosary is a wonderful way to get closer to Christ. I try to pray it every day.


Thank you but I could not PM you. I would not worry too much about others getting testy. Some may learn from your sharing. I was wondering if those who have worn Scapulars or have belonged to the World Apostolate of Fatima (Or Militia Immaculata) have found these personally helpful and tools of Catholic apologetics (evangelization).

I noticed a picture on one site of Mel Gibson wearing a Scapular.

PS I learn a lot about my misconceptions when I hear Fr. Corapi (powerful). When he shares the solid biblical aspects of the Rosary I am sure he would astound Protestants.


You will learn more about World Apostolate of Fatima at

To answer your question on scapular, please see

I hope this helps - Thanks

ps. you might want to search “Fulton Sheen” in and learn more about Fatima. It has helped understand my faith and to die more to my old self so I can be a new person in Christ.


This is very ironic since today at our Church we are having the National Pilgrim Virgin Statue of the USA for Our Lady of Fatima (a replica of the original International Pilgrim Virgin) on presentation for veneration for a day. Its been blessed by Pope Pius XII in Fatima during the 50th anniversary in 1967 and on tour in the Americas ever since.

I think that there is not enough preaching on hell quite frankly. The Fatima messages are very very sobering and tell us the absolute requirement for PENANCE and do so quickly. The 3 seers had very disturbing revelations about the souls in hell that changed them forever - it bothered them that apparently many many millions of souls are lost - in particularly for not believing there is a hell and doing what they want to do in life.

On the Brown Scapular it is generally admitted even by the Carmelite order that the historical evidence does not bear out the popular message that St. Simon Stock received the promises from Our Lady at the time indicated. The promises come out many years later. That said the devotion is still considered very profitable. The Miraculous Medal is also very popular and it is in fact the image we see on the back of the Brown Scapular Medal versions.

I believe that there are unique and special graces only available through devotions to Mary that God gave her to honor her in a special way. It would be foolish for Catholics to at least not try to gain the Immaculate Heart of Mary first Sat devotion. I had started off with the intent of doing the 5 first Saturdays then taper off to other devotions and found myself in the 3rd order Carmelites in formation discernment. :smiley:

Yea - Marian devotion is profound and life changing…



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