I am a Catholic layperson (well, I will technically be in full communion with Rome come Easter Vigil) and I am wondering if I should consider getting a scapular and if, as a layperson, I am allowed to. If so, which is probably the best type to get? Also, where I can find one that is inexpensive or free (I am currently unemployed right now :frowning: )? Finally, if I should get one, what is the proper use, in terms of blessings, prayers, etc.?

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No one answered you. a big welcome to Gods family by the way.
The brown scapular is best of all. you can read the promises on the package or in it. You need to make sure it’s blessed and a priest enroles you in it too.
There are other scapulars but this is one you should get.
You can usually get it at your parish piety store or local catholic book store cheaply.

Or you can go to the best source for sacramentals as in the link in my signature.

Good luck and God bless you. Welcome:) :thumbsup:

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Congrats on you entering the Church. That’s just wonderful.

A scapular is great for anyone faithful. If you go to any Catholic store you should find one. They are mostly under 10 dollars. If you’re looking to be very inexpensive, I bought a simple cord and plastic one last week for seventy five cents for my little cousin.

Make sure you get a priest to bless it!

God Bless You!


Welcome to the Catholic family. Anyways, I wrote to the Scapular Guild and requested for 20 brown Scapulars which I received for FREE. I’m not really sure if they still give out free brown scapulars but it wouldn’t hurt to write to them and ask.

To get a free blessed wool brown scapular, along with a book on Purgatory and a St. Benedict Medal, send $1.00 postage/handling fee to:
Scapular Guild
P.O. Box 4651
Dept. V,
Philadelphia., PA. 19127

You can also try

Don’t forget to ask (your) parish Priest or even your sponsor if they have Scapulars on hand (just a thought).

More information about Scapulars

All the best! :slight_smile:

Hi “nsper” :wave: Counting down the days till you are in full communion with the Church! God bless you!

Here is a link which is really helpful in understanding the Brown Scapular devotion. This is the scapular I would recommend, most. Hope it helps.

MarieVeronica :curtsey:

With the Brown Scapular, I have noticed there seem to be key prayers (i.e. the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary). Is it simply wearing the Brown Scapular (after it has been blessed and the wearer added to the role as it were) or what else is involved?

At Fatima Mary asked us to wear the brown scapular in faith and to show our devotion to her, we are to make Mass on the first saturday of every month for five consecutive months.

We are to go to confession a week prior or a week after the frist Saturday, be in a sate of grace and offer communion for the 5 insults made to Mary’s immaculate heart. We are also to keep Mary company for at least 15 minutes by praying the rosary after the first saturday Mass.

If we fulfill this for just 5 first saturdays of the month, then Mary promises to save us from hell and deliver us from purgatory on the first saturday of the month after our death.

What does it mean to mediate on one of the 15 mysteries? I mean, what does it mean to ‘meditate’ in this case?

Hi, here’s a great article about Scapulars! :slight_smile:

specifically, about the brown scapular. It seems like the most common one!
Our Lady of Fatima encouraged it :slight_smile: and it comes from Our Lady herself given to the Carmelite order and lay people can share in it as well!

What you do is you just buy a brown scapular (you can get them for very cheap and even for free at some places!!), make sure it’s brown wool.

Then, you ask your priest to enroll you which just means he’ll say some prayers with you.

Then, the requirements are:

btw…welcome to the Church!!! :smiley: I became Catholic at the Easter Vigil too this year!!

God bless! :slight_smile:

I think it’s just how you pray the Rosary… just reflect on the mysteries. :slight_smile: that’s what meditate means. It’s not like Eastern meditation. Just reflect on it and apply it to your life. Hope that helps.

I always have trouble praying the Rosary (I haven’t prayed the Rosary in a very long time…I tend to stick with the Chaplet of Divine Mercy) because my mind wonders, including really nasty and disgusting thoughts crossing my mind (Scrupulosity issues).

Is it wrong that one of my motivations for getting a Scapular is because I feel it will help me with my Scrupulosity because I won’t always be obsessing about dying and going to Hell and God’s wrath and stuff?

hmm…it can indeed be difficult praying the Rosary, but when you pray it right it really tends to help a lot. I found no benefit to it until I started praying it thoroughly with more attention. If it’s hard for you to do this (which is more than understandable lol the Rosary isn’t easy), there’s this booklet called “praying the Rosary without distractions” and it gives a point to reflect on for each Hail Mary… so let’s say you’re praying the first Sorrowful Mystery: the Agony in the Garden, and there are 10 Hail Mary’s, so for each one it gives something like:

  1. Jesus comes with His disciples to Gethsemane: “Stay here, while I go yonder and pray.”

  2. Entering the garden with Peter, James and John, Jesus prays, “My soul is sorrowful unto death.”

  3. Jesus sees the sins of all mankind, whose guilt He has taken unto HImself


it’s available online here, just click on the different ‘mysteries’ at the top:

I’ve found it helps to give something to think ABOUT while you’re praying the Rosary so not so many distracting thoughts get in your head.

I dunno I try to deal with scrupulosity too so that’s just something that I found useful :slight_smile:

I’ve also found that perseverence is really the key, sometimes it’s hard to pray, but if we persevere, that pleases God cause it shows what’s in our will. (we’re making the choice)

But you said that your pray the chaplet of Divine Mercy, that’s great, :slight_smile: it’s one of my favourite prayers and it’s really powerful. :thumbsup: I love it too.

God bless!


this book has also really helped me:

hmm perhaps it will, maybe it will help you trust more in Our Lady’s intercession :slight_smile: remember it’s not the scapular that would save you, but God does use it as an occasion of His grace and it has certain promises. I think that one way to fight scrupulosity is increasing your trust in God’s mercy and when we’re devoted to Mary, we have faith in her prayers which are very powerful. Honestly it’s hard to go wrong being devoted to Mary. (and I’ve never heard it happening that people start worshipping her instead of God, somehow that just gets avoided, because the more we are focused on Mary the more we are focused on Christ…she leads us closer to Him, not further away, and never towards herself.)

Hello to all of you! Something that nobody has yet mentioned about the Scapular is how it’s a sign – a sign of good will to Our Lady that you wish to help her defeat the power of evil in the world and to bring more and more people to her Son. I love being “invested” in the Scapular – this can be done by any Catholic priest, however the younger ones might not know about it. Carmelites would know. Also, once invested, always invested. Ask Our Lady to help you to help her and she will! Here’s some more info:


To reflect on the life of Jesus.

If we are truly honest, all of us that wear the brown scapular have that in our minds also, and I’m sure that Mary and Jesus realize that. The most important motivation, to my mind, is the love you hold for Mary and Jesus along with the wish to be obedient to the wishes of God for you.
The brown scapular promises go to those that “wear it devoutly” and to show devotion to Our Lady, who made those promises, it was decided that those who wore the brown scapular

  • wore the Scapular in good faith;
    * were chaste according to their state in life;
    * daily recited the Divine Office or, with the permission of one’s Confessor, the Little Office of Our Lady [a shorter form of the Divine Office in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary, used by certain religious orders and laity. It is similar to the Common of the Blessed Virgin Mary from the Roman Breviary] or the Rosary; and
    * departed earthly life in charity.

I simply asked the priest who enrolled me if I could have saying the Rosary daily in place of the Little Office (I already said a few decades a day, anyway). Every once in a while I forget to get say five decades of the Rosary, at which time I simply beg Jesus and Mary’s forgiveness and say part of it, at least. It is not a magic talisman!

If I feel that I’m saying the Rosary in a manner that is too like an automaton, I switch to saying the Little Office of the BVM for a few days.:shrug:

Yes, you do the morning and evening prayers of the Little Office of the Virgin Mary (or, if the priest who enrolls you permits it, you can pray five decades of the Rosary instead), you abstain from meat on Wednesdays and Fridays, you complete the Five First Saturdays, and you wear the Scapular at all times.

None of this is “binding” on lay people (ie: you won’t go to Hell if you don’t do it) but it is an excellent practice to follow that will help to make you more open to the graces of the Sacraments. :slight_smile:

I just got my Brown Scapular in the mail today (well, yesterday technically: Friday, it is now Saturday). Can I wear it before it is blessed and I am invested?

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