im thinking about buying a scapular! what color should i get and what do the colors mean? im thinking about gettinga green immaculate heart of mary scapular. also can i wear it under my shirt? i got to a public high school and just dont want people commenting and asking me about it all day? would it be a sin to wear it under my shirt because i odnt want people to notice it?

i know so well that through the scapular we obtain grace; and no one would light a candle and put same under the table… so if you buying the scapular not for the spiritual benefits to be derived; i’d suggest that u take some to know its significance before going 4it.

i would recomend the brown scapular. it is the most famous scapular and it has the most graces, along with the most amazing graces, among them, getting out of purgatory on the 1st saturday after you die (however this is only applicable if you follow the sabatine privilege, which you’ll have to look up on your own) :smiley: the green scapular is meant to be carried in your pocket and is for the conversion of a particular person or for healing from sickness. you can look up more info about it on the web cuz im in a rush. but im in high school and where mine under my shirt just because we have to wear uniforms. i used to wear it outside my shirt and people asked me about it all the time. some thought it was amazing while others sneered and thought it was superstitious. but you’ll meet those people wherever you go so dont freak out about them. but its not a sin. maybe it’s a little rude if you’re embarrassed about your faith but i can be at times and i go to a Catholic school too so i cant judge :o but it really depends o your preference. what do you want to do?

I would second the Brown Scapular. Here’s a quote from… “The Church sanctions the practice of a number of Scapular devotions besides that of Carmel. The White Scapular of the Trinitarians, for example, and the Black Scapular of the Servite Order, the Blue Scapular of the Immaculate Conception, the Red Scapular of the Passion of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, as well as the Green Scapular, all have venerable traditions and are capable of obtaining for the faithful great graces. But none has been so singularly embellished with promises and favors as the Scapular of Mount Carmel. The history of this devotion and of the order that spreads it, is its greatest testimony.”

I also recommend going with the brown scapular. It is the principle one, and was particularly recommended by Our Lady at Fatima. You could get a green one, too, but it’s more for use as a devotion to pray for someone’s conversion (kind of like a novena–though you may be praying more or less than nine days depending on how tough your case is that you’re converting!).

The many other scapulars are associated with different religious orders (the colours come from the habits of the order in question). So, if there is an order in your area that you have a particular attraction to and want to wear their scapular, then they might be worth considering. Otherwise, I’d say go with the brown one, which is from the Carmelite order, since it is the ‘standard’, and anyway brown ones are much easier to find than the others. (The green scapular is the only one not associated with an order, and is in that and other ways the ‘odd man out’ among scapulars–it’s also the only one that doesn’t have to be worn over the shoulders to be effective.)

If you do get a brown scapular, you *can *wear it as-is, but it’s better to ask a priest to enroll you in it officially, as this brings more spiritual benefits. As far as wearing it under your clothes, this is actually the most common way to wear it; a lot of people like to wear the scapular directly on the skin so that they feel a constant reminder that they are clothed with Mary’s garment.

I pondered this question before and found this. Hope it helps! :wink:

The Catholic Encyclopedia lists 18 small scapulars approved by the Church:[47]

The White Scapular of the Most Blessed Trinity (1193)
The White Scapular of Our Lady of Ransom (1218)
The Brown Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel (1250)
The Black Scapular of the Seven Dolours of Mary (1255)
The Blue Scapular of the Immaculate Conception
The Red Scapular of the Most Precious Blood
The Black Scapular of the Passion (1720)
The Red Scapular of the Passion (1846)
The Black Scapular of Help of the Sick (1860)
The White Scapular of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (1877)
The Blue and Black Scapular of St. Michael the Archangel (1880)
The Scapular of St. Benedict (1882)
The Scapular of the Holy Face (1885)
The White Scapular of the Our Lady of Good Counsel (1893)
The White Scapular of St. Joseph (1898)
The White Scapular of The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus (1900)
The Scapular of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary (1901)
The White Scapular of St. Dominic (1903)

i would be buying it for the spiritual benefit. why else would i waste my money on it?

thank you! im thinking green, blue, or red of the Precious Blood

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