If you wear a scapular which one do you wear and why? Where did the idea of scapulars come from?


I have a green scapular on my nightstand, but I do not have any real devotion to it as I don’t really understand it that well. I wear a brown scapular with the Sacred Heart of Jesus over my heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary over my upper back. I put it on after showering or at the beginning of the day and pray a quick prayer on the spot. When I move it during the day, I try and think of someone in need. This scapular was given to me and my family by a newly ordained deacon in our archdiocese on the day of our convalildation of our marriage (I am a convert). These scapulars are special to us as they were the first sacramental items this young deacon had ever blessed. He may one day be a priest that, God willing, I may be able to assist at mass (if I am accepted as an aspirant in our diaconate program).


I wear a brown scapular with St. Michael the Archangel. I wear it mostly to distinguish myself as being Catholic since it is a very known Catholic tradition.


The original scapular is part of the monastic clothing and consists of a piece of cloth the width of one shoulder to the other, and then there are smaller versions worn when sleeping. The very small scapular is derived from this, so for example, the scapular of the Carmelites is black or brown, of the Theatines, Conceptionists, and Marians is blue, of the Servites is black, of the Trinitarians is white, and of the Vincentians is red (Passion). So scapular confraternites developed and the pious wear them and pray for others.

I wear the fivefold and there are daily prayers that accompany the membership if one enrolls in the associated confraternities. As a member indulgences are received, under the normal conditions, through wearing the scapular on each designated day.


– Wearing the Red Scapular on Fridays brings increase of faith, hope, charity, per the tradition.

T = Conf. Most Holy Trinity,
S = Conf. Our Lady of Sorrows
C = Conf. Our Lady of Carmel
I = Conf. IC BVM

– S Fra. Antony M. Pucci (January 12)

– T and Blessed Elisabeth Canori Mora, mother of a family (February 4)
– T Saint John Baptist of the Conception (February 14)
– S the Seven Servite Founders (February 17)

– I Easter Sunday (April 12, 2009)
– S St. Peregrine Latiosi (April 30)

– C St Simon Stock (May 16)
– I The feast of the Ascension (May 21, 2009)

– T the Most Holy Trinity (Sunday after Pentecost)
– T Blessed Anna Maria Taigi, mother of a family (June 9)
– S St. Juliana Falconieri (June 19)

– C the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel (July 16)
– C St Elijah, prophet (July 20)

– I The feast of St. Cajetan (the founder of the Theatine Order), (August 7)
– I The feast of the Dormition or Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, (August 15)
– S St. Philip Benizi (August 23)

– C St Therese of the Child Jesus (October 1)
– T the Blessed Virgin Mary of Good Remedy (October 8)
– C St Teresa of Jesus (October 15)
– T Jesus of Nazareth, the Most Holy Redeemer (October 23)

– I Pray for all souls on All Souls Day (November 2) - observance

– T Saint Felix of Valois (November 4)
– C All Carmelite Saints (November 14)

– I The feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, (December 8)
– C and St John of the Cross (December 14)
– T Saint John of Matha (December 17)
– I Christmas Day, (December 25)


The biblical origin is probably the Prophet Elias, who wore a miraculous mantle. See 4 Kings 2, when he is taken up. The mantle is passed on to Eliseus, his assistant. :smiley:


Thank you all for the replies! It definetly helps. I just got a blue one with Jesus on one and Mary on the other.


I was also invested with the five- fold scapular in May of last year. I have a particularly strong devotion to the black scapular (Our Lady of Sorrows).


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