I have a couple of questions about scapulars. I was at a church festival last night and I started talking to a woman who was looking at a basket full of them. She said she was looking for a new one; I said I’d never worn one, so she picked one up and just put it on me. From what I had read about them, don’t they have to be blessed, and don’t I have to make a committment of some kind in order to wear it? It’s an Our Lady of Mt Carmel scapular, if that makes a difference. She told me that anyone who’s made a first communion is entitled to wear one. Is that right?

This might be helpful:


I was invested with the Brown Scapular of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel yesterday after Mass. Traditionaly, every Catholic should be invested with it around the time of their first communion. This lady was incorrect to say that anyone who has recieved their first Communion is allowed to wear a scapular.

Just go to your priest and ask to be invested in the Brown Scapulr. He should have some with him, but you might want to get your own. He will bless the scapular and place it around your neck, say some prayers, and bless you with Holy Water.

Once you have been invested with the scapular you can wear it for the rest of your life. If/when your scapular falls apart, you can simply get a new one without needing to be invested again.

Today is the feast day of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.:slight_smile:

And in honor of her feast my parish offered the brown scapular today’s daily masses. I’ve been thinking about getting one, so took this as a sign! Our pastor blessed a basket of scapulars then all who wanted one came to the front to pick one up. After we were back in our pews we put it on and he said the prayers to enroll us. I thought it might be a bit itchy and bothersome, but I have been wearing it all day and don’t even feel it. I’m very glad I did this!

That is fitting. Did the Priest say anything about the prayers or Rosary? Tim

We also received a little pamphlet with the scapular which explains the commitments. I was a little late to Mass :o so I don’t know what he might have said before Mass started.

Ah ok, sometimes the Priest can give an ok for the Rosary to be said as a daily devotion besides the other parayers. Please, someone correct me if I’m wrong. That is what we where told after the enrollment. Tim

I got a new scapular & had it blessed yesterday. then I started thinking–I remember having one around the time of my first Communion, but i do not remember (it’s well over 30 years ago LOL!) going through any investiture, although I assume we did. would this be something they did as a group for all of us? or should I get re-investitured just in case?:confused:

Why do catholics wear them?

What are they supposed to do for you?

Same thing a wedding ring does for a married person - symbolises to others and themselves their commitments that they’ve made to their spouse, strengthens against temptations to break that commitment and so on. Only in this case it’s obligations the wearer has promised to Jesus and Our Lady in terms of daily prayer, frequent confession and Communion, living chastely, things like that.

Also the same thing wearing a habit or a collar does for a priest, monk or nun (it’s actually a very modified version of an outer garment that is part of many religious habits). It actually makes you almost a secular (non-celibate) member of the Carmelite order, united with the others in an appreciation of the particular Carmelite spirituality.

The Brown Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel: A Sign of Christian Faith & Commitment

Message of John Paul II to the Carmelite Family
@ The 750th Anniversary of the Bestowal of the Scapular

Love and God bless

Are there not “special powers” granted to those who wear them?

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