Scapulars Dot Com durable scapulars

Anybody try one of these? I know there was another “durable scapular” company some years ago that I read about on the Cordbands Rugged Rosaries social media page, but it went out of business. I would really like to get a few scapulars that can take a beating. My traditional one is hanging in there for about 2 years now, but I know it won’t be with me forever as it has to be machine washed every once in a while and the cords are already showing signs of wear. I already had another one that lasted all of 2 months before falling apart.

I like the catchphrase, “Don’t be caught dead without one!” although the promises about death are not the main reason I wear the scapular. I wish they had the traditional pictures of St. Simon and the promises on them even though I know it’s not necessary.

I’ll probably get the little version as I’m not big on putting a medal on/ in my Scapular.

I make my own. Amazon sells 100% brown wool & I bought the thickness of cord that I wanted. Then I hand sewed the pieces together using double-thickness thread. I think they’ll last for ages. And it really wasn’t hard! I recommend this route because the size, length etc can all be customized by you! The only drawback - the wool I got on amazon was NOT soft. I’m sure I could have paid more and gotten better quality. The itchiness doesn’t bug me though.

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These are the kind I find work best for me.


No Green Scapulars available, ey?

No, just brown right now.

But I don’t think people usually wear the Green Scapular. The ones I see are usually for putting someplace, like under the pillow of the loved one you are hoping will convert. They don’t even have cords, maybe just a tiny loop if that.


I’ve always thought that if I ever wore a scapular I’d make my own with a little embroidery added.

These look durable, but at $25, that is quite a huge sum for what they are. I’d sooner buy a less expensive one and secure the straps with extra stitching…


The problem is that the cords on a lot of them wear out and break, not just separate from the square but break in the middle. When you wear it every day and sweat on it, like I said it occasionally needs to go through the washer not just the hand wash, and it really needs to be tough. 25 bucks would be fine with me if it lasted say 10 years, that’s 2.50 a year for something I wear every day. I too considered making my own but I’m already so swamped with other tasks realistically that’s not going to happen for years.

True. But then there’s this from their website; (bolded mine)

We are confident that our scapulars, featuring the highest quality materials from around the globe, are the most comfortable, durable scapulars in the world. In fact, we’re so confident that, if in normal wear your scapular wears out within seven years of your purchase, just let us know and we’ll gladly replace it for you.

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I LOVE this catchphrase! Gets the point across with humor.

Actually, there is a great deal of leeway as to how a Brown Scapular can be designed. I once saw one with Padre Pio’s picture on it. In all honesty, I see the ones on as being kind of plain. But you don’t wear a scapular because it looks pretty.

A side note: the other day, when Mexican authorities tried to arrest the son of drug lord El Chapo, the son was wearing a Brown Scapular as he was being led away. I have shared a couple of times, when meeting Latinos wearing the Brown Scapular, that I wear one too. They looked at me as though I was crazy — “why in the world would an Anglo be wearing one of those?”.

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The most authentic brown scapulars either don’t have any design on them or just have a small cross embroidered on them. Habits are supposed to be plain. But as you note, we are free to have any holy picture a person wants on them. I just like the pictures of Simon Stock and promises because they are the traditional kind handed out to lay people for decades, including when I was little.


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