I need to get me a scapular. I’ve been reading about them and I want advise on where to get them and the types and which one would suit me. Anyone have an idea? I live in Utah, so I am not sure where to get them. I don’t have alot of money and I’ve heard that you can get them for free. Can I order them online?


You can order them online at a great website that I have come to like and have ordered from.
They even accept checks and money orders if you are like me and don’t like using a credit card online.

There is another website that I am planning to order from which I found to be good also:

You can go to EWTN’s religious catalogue, I’m sure they must have some. And you can just search around the net and see if any are offering them for free. But you should get one, I myself need to find the prayer that goes along with it:p I hope this helps:)


A Catholic Book or Gift Store in your area will probably carry them. They are very inexpensive, I think I paid fifty nine cents for the last one I bought. :slight_smile:


Where can I find out about them. About what they can do to help me in my life? I heard they protect you from evil and bad things.



Hope this helps on understanding the history of the scapular:

Praying for you:gopray2:


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