Is wearing an unblessed Scapular a sin?


No, it is NOT a sin. But why not benefit from all of the promises and become enrolled in the Brown Scapular. It can be done by any priest.

It is a beautiful devotion.


I was under the impression that once enrolled in the scapular you did NOT have to continue to get them blessed but could if you wanted to do so. :shrug:


I fully intend to have it blessed :slight_smile:


I would too, but I just wanted to make you aware that, I believe, you wearing it unblessed still fulfills your obligation to wear it once enrolled in the scapular. Perhaps someone else can chime in and confirm. :shrug:


I have been enrolled with the Brown scapular for many years. I had a priest friend do it for me.

I wear mine all of the time, except when I shower. Some people even keep them on then, but as a matter of preference, I don’t do that. I think that they last longer when they don’t get soaked, but I do gently wash mine.

Once you have the scapular blessed for you, you don’t have to keep having it blessed again. You are right about that, Nurse Amelia. :slight_smile:


I went through several of those free brown scapulars…not to denigrate them; after all, they are generously provided at no charge to the faithful who ask for them. Anyway, you get what you pay for, in terms of quality of materials. I decided to knuckle down and pay the 3 bucks for a higher quality scapular. While I do occasionally shower with that one on, I use one of the free ones to save the nicer one from the rigors of showering, if that makes sense.



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