Scared I'm starting to drift away



I have been going to daily mass and saying the rosary every day for several months, now it’s getting difficult to say one decade of the rosary and I haven’t been to daily mass for 3 weeks.

any support, motivation or suggestions for getting back on track and keeping my relationship with God the most important priority in my life?

many blessings…


Read this book.

Ask God to give you a desire for Him and the grace to be consistent.

Find a group of people that have a passion for Christ and associate with them.

Listen to this song.


I came here to create a thread, and could have given it the same title …!

I suppose just hang in there: Jesus said it would be very hard near the end, and blessed are those who believe yet haven’t seen, etc.


Often we begin to believe that the actions we take are evidence of our piety or faithfulness when truly it is by God’s grace alone that we are true to Him. I don’t know if you have access to adoration somewhere in one of the Catholic churches in your area but if you do I’ve been greatly rewarded by bringing the very question you ask here (and many others), to God in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament. He wants us to struggle to give over our will to Him.

I will put you in my prayers.


In you live in a city, look for an Exposition of the Holy Sacrament at a church close to you. Go and spend time with Jesus. Talk to Him, tell Him that you love Him and need His help. Keep doing this. I also have this for you…

When you get to this area, read about St. Bridget of Sweden, then at the bottom, press the HERE button to go to the 15 prayers…and read about the promises Jesus made to her…and to us if we say these prayers. I have been saying them, and they bring me very close to Jesus. I think they will help you too.
God bless you.


Try to make your first thought when you wake up to be Good morning, Lord. Try saying little aspirations throughout the day and spiritual communions. Also, remember all of us go through this as did all the saints before us…dryness. I have also read that greater grace is given to those who do pray when they don’t feel like it & of course it is when we don’t feel like praying, that is the time we need it the most.

If you have the habit like I do of getting on the web while drinking my morning coffee, there is a great website


In addition to the other comments, I’d like to add that there is a possibility that you are under spiritual attack. I would recommend that you pray (with the authority given to you as a Christian) spiritual deliverance prayers daily. Our enemy loves to rob us of our meaningful relationship with Christ. Right now, for whatever reason, you are missing out on the graces our Lord offers in the Mass and through prayers like the Rosary. Satan just loves that. Try your best to fight back with prayer, sacraments and adoration.

If you are interested in some good spiritual warfare prayers, let me know. Just remember, God does permit various trials for us like a Father who disciplines His children. He permits trials so that we will be strengthened. Of course, we will not be strengthened if we try to go it alone. So, always turn to the Lord for your aid. He will not forsake you.


Everyone experiences periods of dryness. Even the greatest saints! These are the times we really practice our faith by continuing our prayers and daily mass-when things are good-we enjoy our faith. When the going gets rough, we practice our faith.


Thank you so much.

Just made a copy of the St. Bridget prayers and will be ordering the suggested book from the EWTN catalog. Didn’t consider at all about being under spiritual attack. Thank you for that reminder. Will be going to confession this Saturday, and hopefully, will begin next Monday going to daily Mass.

A priest did tell me a month or so ago to use the woman with the hemorrhage in the gospel as an image to aid me in my spiritual journey as it reminds me that I need to stick really close to God.

These suggestions are great and thank you again so much.

Don’t know where there is regularly scheduled adoration around here.

One challenge I have is that I like to listen to the catholic radio while I’m drifting off to sleep and my husband will snatch the headphones off my ears and tell me I can’t get good quality of sleep with that in my ears all night. I listen to it to comfort myself, to avoid bad (evil) thoughts and also every 10pm I like to say the rosary along with Father Groeshel during the program “The Rosary is a Place.”

Guess I’ve over-satiated myself with some of it (it = catholic radio) because now I’m not so keen on listening.

But as you said, no one ever said this was done without a struggle.


So many Catholics don’t know how to use our Sacramentals. They help us pray, keep demons away, etc. Here is a video about the use of sacramentals.


I am aware of sacramentals - holy water, blessed rosaries, scapulars, etc., but thanks for the reminder.


Two years ago, I started saying the Rosary once a week. About a year ago, I started saying the Rosary daily… then after a few months, I’d sometimes miss it because my weekend routine is far different from my work routine or some other thing messed up my morning routine. What I found out was that there are some days that I have time to pray a FULL Rosary and so I do.

Certainly, holding to a strict regiment gets old. And after a while my ability to stay focused on the meditations becomes difficult. I get frustrated but I’m sure our Blessed Mother understands. I sometimes start over. Sometimes I don’t finish before bedtime. But all efforts are appreciated, I’m sure.

Just keep trying. We all stumble in some way or other. It’s not that we fall so much that matters. It’s that we don’t give up and try again.


Good, you mentioned that you hadn’t considered that you might be under “attack”…so I thought just in case you needed something… well, I’m glad you know. There was a “binding prayer” in that video too… God bless you.


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