Scared - Need help. Is Islam the truth?


I am scared. What do you guys think about this:



I don’t have time to look at the video right now, but I’m not new to this stuff - and rest assured this guy Zakir Naik is a total fraud.


An Islamic speechmaker claims Islam is true. :smiley:
In other news, water is wet, and day follows night.
…No need to worry, Stove. :slight_smile:


Islam is a made-up religion. A mixture of heretical Catholic teaching (Arianism), Judaism and various pagan beliefs.

Hillaire Belloc said it is the only Catholic heresy that started outside the Catholic Church


Sorry but I don’t need to view or read your link, I’ve answered this question numerous times, and it don’t change, and it’s this…

Epistle Of Saint Paul To The Galatians 1:6 I wonder that you are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ, unto another gospel. 7 Which is not another, only there are some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ.** 8**** But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach a gospel to you besides that which we have preached to you, let him be anathema**. ** 9** As we said before, so now I say again: If any one preach to you a gospel, besides that which you have received, let him be anathema.

And since Islam is based on a message from an angel, then the above is all I need to know.


This Presbyterian-Methodist agrees with the above statement by the Catholic.


Not a shadow of doubt in my mind, no - it is NOT the truth.

“I am the way and the truth and the light.” ~ Jesus Christ.


I will listen to a short speech but something that is an hour long, I simply do not have time.

Could you give us a summary of his speech, instead?

Your title in the parenthesis speaks about science and the bible.

You do know that Catholics are not fundamentalists, don’t you? Catholics, for example, are allowed to believe in evolution. .

The bible is not a scientific text and it shouldn’t be read as one. It is a book for salvation.


if you havn’t seen it, or refuse to watch it, then I am sceptical of your responses. Please watch it and tell me what parts are fraud. The stuff he says is all backed up. This was the 2nd part of a debate. The first speaker was a catholic scientist. This speaker rebutts him and gives scientific facts. I am pretty sure that every single one of his statements are true. Now because of that my main question would be, why is the bible scientifically wrong and the quran scientifically correct? Could the devil have influenced mohammed and given him knowledge of science?


stove, I suggest you visit where they refute the Islamic science myth. Note that science really arose in the Christian west. The Muslims simply purloined their knowledge off the Greeks they conquered.

This kind of thing is like when fundamentalists try to prove the world was created in a literal six days. They can make it say whatever they want. No need to fear. Islam is utterly false.

Just a thought here, is this a ploy just to get people to view the site? Is Golden back? Time will tell.


I will look at the video tommorrow. I just can’t right now. Yes, you are correct, people should at least listen to the video before they comment.

It has been many years since I read the Qur’an so I am uncertain as to its scientific claims. Honestly, I don’t recall any science being in either the Bible or the Qur’an.


Naik said if you eat pork you become like a porc :smiley: does he eat cow meat? :smiley:


my pc does not allow me to watch 1 hour video right now but i read many of his debates. Science in Quran was debunked a thousand time. Much of what Muhammad said were either known before him ( Bible or other) or simply false scientifically …don’t worry :wink: is one of the sites that debunked his claims but there are many others.


So you think the Quran is scientifically correct? Why don’t you bring an example - the best example you have learnt from Zakir Naik and I will show you why it is nonsense.

Hasta luego,


LIKE I SAID I’ve seen some of this guy’s other stuff and I know for a fact he is out of his mind! In light of all this, why would I waste over an hour of my time listening to another one of his crackpot lectures when it’s most likely just more of the same?


The Quran is not “scientifically correct”. Not by any standard. Unless you really believe that sperm comes from between the backbone and ribs, and what not. :rolleyes:

In any case, Arabic is such a bothersomely vague language you can almost “translate” it to make it say whatever you want in the first place. I’m exaggerating, but there really is a lot of leeway in the number of different ways you can twist words to your own delight in that language…


I’m sorry, but we are often given requests to refute this website or this book or, in this variation, this video. It is simply too unreasonable a homework assignment. If you can provide an example or two that we can analyze there are plenty of people to help.


Regarding (potential) Trolls.

Welcome to the forums, Stove. I hope you get some good answers! I also don’t really have time to sit through an hour long video, but I am definitely interested in the scientific accuracy of the Quran. If you could cite an example, then I would be most interested.


I cry inside because I am so torn. I realize that everyone here has the same belief structure that i have, even though my beliefs were taught to me during my teenage years (taught to me after an age when I would take what I had learned as truth without question).

Some think I am trying to gain publicity for the link that I posted. Some are curious. Still others form and state their own opinions on the matter. But nobody has actually viewed the video. I am torn and confused due to several things and I am writing up my life (for myself mostly) and will post it hear. It will explain much about me and my purposes for this thread. Everything centers on the fact that I am a huge sinner. I knew no religion until my mother converted a short while ago. When she prayed for me, i resented it. Because if my life took a turn for the better, it was because of her prayer and not because of me.

This was the major cause of my resentment towards prayer and the christian way of life until I had to undergoe a medical treatment similar to chemotherapy, and prior to that I was completely bedridden for months not even able to lift a finger without excruciating pain. During these times i prayed not at all. Even when motionless, I was one of the greatest sinners ever.

After that regaining some strength and ability to maneuver, I was only slightly less a sinner. To make a very long story short, I started praying. To God - and for some reason focusing on the God - The Creator. I made sure to mention and think about before every prayer that the God I was praying to created everything, Heaven and Earth, all plants and animals, all that is seen and unseen.

Then, I would meditate on that for 5+ minutes based on what I had read in a book about prayer. The name of the book was: “The Theology of Prayer” by Fr. John Hardon. It was pretty in depth and taught me alot.

I am jumping a bit here but i will state that after reading the book I would ask God to help me with my path and I got jumbled mentally because I could actually hear responses when praying. I thought I was going crazy. Thank God that this forum is anonomys but I when I focus on my prayer, and concentrate on what I am saying and wait for a response, I almost always get one, even if its not what I wanted to hear and I try to shove it off as just inner thought or conciense. I think that I can hear God/My Angel/Somebody speak to me when i totally commit myself to prayer and try to have a conversation. This communication has led me to learn more about my faith. It tells me and pushes me in directions that are almost impossible to follow.
But like Fr. Hardon stated in his book about prayer: Whether it be memorized ‘vocal prayer’ (Our Father/Hail Mary) or true internal ‘Spiritual Prayer’ (All prayer- an intimate conversation with the spirit world) The meaning is from the heart and not just repeated as vocal/taught prayer usually is. This is the most important type of prayer as it comes from the heart and is a communication with God rather than a Speech to him.

That being said, most people do not understand this type of prayer and on top of that, they do not benefit fully from any vocal prayer. For all prayer (vocal or spiritual), has to contain some level of thought and understanding and even appreciation or deep knowledge about what it is that is being said. Vocal prayer is nothing more than reciting memorized syllables. Purely vocal prayer, which most people do, is almost worthless. Even the most vocal prayer, such as the Our Father, where we know the meaning of every word but recite it only when in harmony with others, means next to nothing to God unless you convert that Vocal Prayer into Spiritual Prayer. The vocal prayer is a guide. The guide teaches you words. Those words should mean something when you say them. And you should communicate in conversation (2 way street) rather than make a speech (1 way street)

This is what the holiest people have mastered. The Saints, The mistics. What they have taught us is that regardless of what some may say, there is actually a real world that can be communicated with other than the world we live in. This world of the unseen (the world of God, the Saints, and Angels) is a true world and not a figment of the imagination for a person. When you master prayer, you will also have mastered the art of communication with the unseen world. No living/or dead person has mastered this communication completely, but the saints come the closest to mastery.

From that point on, I tried to think about what I was saying when I prayed. I stopped praying verbally almost completely and focused only upon praying to God to show me my path in life. I did this non-verbally. Thinking of God and all His creations. Thinking only of God who created me. And humbly asking him to show me my path. Nothing more. Nothing less.

All of the above is just my paraphrasing from Fr. Hardons adding my story


The answer I recieve SCREAMS at me. Convert. You have to convert. Millions of innocents die every year in the western world. A greater atrocity than the holocaust itself. The islamic nations of the world may dissagree with the west and think it evil, but are they wrong? Abortion is non-existent, Aids is the lowest for any society. The people dont drink, smoke etc etc. The life of a muslim is a life that follows all the laws of god. The life of a person in the rest of the world is a life that promotes breaking the law of god. Imagine if 50,000,000 jews were being slaughtered every year in a holocost. The citizens of the United States would not only reccommend that we go to war and stop the slaughter, but we would DEMAND it.

Well that is exactly what is happening. Millions are exterminated every year and the religious of this country condone it. They think that beliefs are a right and not to be forced on anyone. 80% of our country is Christian yet it is legal to crush the brain of a baby that is birthed up to the neck. Is this the right of citezens? Does freedom mean freedom from gods laws? If you look back through scripture, times like these are right prior to end of world situations.

Who is worse overall. The Islamic extremests or the western world. This question really hits home to me. Western values are a joke.

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