Scared....(tmi warning)

I found what looks like a black lesion on my um…girly part. I’m hardly ever outside, I haven’t had a sunburn in three years, I don’t have fair skin, I have dark hair, dark eyes and no freckles. I’m almost 17. My grandfather whose near 80 had skin cancer three years ago, but not a type that’s deadly. I have no other family history of skin cancer. I have several moles but only 4 that are larger then a pin prick. I don’t go tanning. I have little to no risk, yet I’ve found this spot. I’m not asking for medical advice, and yes I’m seeing a doctor as soon as possible, which leads me into this…

I think I’m more scared of seeing the doctor then of the actual “thing” because of where it’s located:blush: . I’m, of course as most of you know, a virgin, which just makes this type of thing worse. (more tmi) I’m a recovering masterbation addict, however I never actually touched myself when I did it. I only touch in the shower and drying off (which is how I found this). I’m absoutely afried of being touched! My mom looked at it, and of course she had to touch me, and I freaked out. And, I haven’t seen my doctor since I was 11.

I don’t know how I am going to survive the next couple of days, I can’t bare not knowing. I’m so scared, it’s unreal. I have a huge physics test tomorrow and the day after which just makes everything worse because my doctor can’t see me until Friday afternoon.:crying:

Oh Goth–I’m sorry! I will keep you in my prayers. Just know that a doctor will be able to get to the bottom of it, and hopefully, it can be removed relatively easily. I know, where it’s located is making things worse–but better to have it looked at and dealt with, than not knowing. Trust in God–He has you in the palm of His hand, always. Blessings to you Goth.

Thank you so much.

I’m trying so hard to remember to trust in God. I don’t even know if it really is a lesion, my mom thought it looked like a blood blister. But I just don’t know and it’s driving me nuts. That is one of the worst parts, just not knowing.

I need to study for physics…and I can’t belive I forgot I have to take the SAT on saturday. Of course this all happens at the same time.:frowning:

Does it look like possibly a rash–like maybe the detergent on your under garments are rubbing against your skin? Or maybe the material? Something has to be causing it-like maybe even a new soap? (By the way, I didn’t mean to say…‘get to the bottom of it…’ oh my…I reread my post and was like…oh no, I hope she knows I wasn’t making a pun! I’m hanging out in the pun thread too much I think):blush: :blush:

Bless your heart, honey. Having that area examined is something we all have to accept…although, it is so embarrassing the first few times. Maybe swapping to a female doctor would help you in the future. I’m in my 30’s and I still don’t feel comfortable with male physicians examining me “down below”. :blush:

I have had male doctors–both in the same practice–each delievered my children…but over the past 10 years, I have had a female doc, and really felt much more comfortable. I agree!!

Keep hope alive. I’m not giving any medical advice and you definitely should see your physician…but do keep in mind that many of the diagnoses associated with a dark lesion can be minor issues.

For example, it could be irritation due to a yeast infection, bacterial infection, or even just inflammation from a certain soap or clothing.

My doc is female.

Well no new soap, but it may be the deterrigent thing, i’ve been broken out in red pimps all over for a while now because I’m allergic to the deterigent, however it doesn’t look like a rash unforchently, it’s very black, raised, irregular border, and just this one lesion. It does however have a red tint at the border, so prehaps my mother is right about a blood blister.

I so remember occasionally being terrified at some symptom or other I discovered when I was younger - I can empathize! Just take a deep breath. You’re doing the right thing in seeing your doctor. What you are afraid of is exceedingly rare and found mostly in women 50 or older.

I’ll say prayers; I have a good feeling about this :slight_smile:

Awww sweetie! :console:

I know how hard it is to see a Dr. about things “down there”. Heck, I’ve had 3 kids and multiple nurses and docs checking things out down there and it STILL makes me uncomfortable! :rolleyes:

But, that’s a good thing, right? What I mean is, if we didn’t feel uncomfortable about others touching/looking down there, we wouldn’t be respecting the dignity of our bodies that God wanted us to have. Right?

I will be praying for you hon!

I know how you feel honey! I have given birth, and the thought of going to the doc makes me want to vomit! lol! Female docs are the best in that situation though! Make an appt with your doc, and when all is said and done, you will be SO relieved when it is taken care of! BTW, it could be an ingrown hair too! Been there done that! But you need to see the dr just to make sure everything is a-ok! You did good by telling your mom~good girl sweetie! You will be in my prayers !

I had a large dark mole like thing suddenly appear there as well. I was thinking it was strange too as that area never sees the sun. My doctor cut it out and sent it in for a biopsy. It came back as atypical. My doctor said that I should consider that pre-cancerous, but not too worry because he got all of it. That was over 5 years ago.

As for feeling modest…don’t worry. To a doctor, looking at just about any part of a patients body is no different than for you to say examine someone’s fingernails or elbow. They’ve seen it all day after day. Not a big “whoop”.

I second and third and then some the suggestion of going to the Dr. please consider taking someone like your mom to be with you for the exam.

it really might help.

once a pregnant young woman was staying with us. she had never been to the ob/gyn before-- never had a dr. examine her ‘down there’. she asked me to stay with her during the examination. i did and it made her feel soooo much better. i didn’t do anything, really. i just held her hand.

Again thank you all so much.

God is reminding me to trust in him and all will be well…no school today because of the snow, meaning no physics test:extrahappy:


Just go, don’t worry about the exam, if you feel more comfortable see a woman.

Also, the exam really just takes a couple of minutes truthfully, It’s over very quick.

And do not think the worst, It can be anything, even a blocked follicle so really don’t worry.

I’ve had weird skin things that have frightened me too, and they just end up being weird skin things

Hang in there kiddo!

When I was a young child I has a spot just like that on the outside of my ankle (not the same I know :)) one day I noticed it was gone and a similar one appeard somewhere else (not going to disclose where).

It was nothing, just like a subdermal mole, no rise or anything just a dark spot.

I wouldn’t worry, my guess is everything will be a-ok! However I’ll say a prayer for ya anyway!


Hi there :slight_smile: When I was younger and then in my teens, I had a lesion like that down there, more than once, and also on my inner thigh before. It was a boil, and my dr gave me some kind of drawing salve to make it go away and it was painless! I hope it’s something of this sort, something easy and not very worrisome! :slight_smile:

Definitely go to a female dr and maybe have your mom in with you. :slight_smile:

My appointment is at 11:30 tomorrow, prayers are appreciated.

prayers are appreciated

prayers you got!

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