Scared to ask priest to hear my confession since I just went to confession several days ago



I’m not scared of confessing the sin I just committed last night -and gosh it was a dumb one and possibly mortal - it’s that I go to weekly confession and I need to go an extra time this week.

This is what scares me. It’s that there was another priest who didn’t seem to like the fact that I go to confession weekly and told me “one doesn’t have to go running to confession all the time” or something like that and I had to defend my reasons to show that I wasn’t using Confession out of habit but as a sacrament to this other priest.

What I did (the sin) was out of the ordinary for me and it was ungood and from what I’ve read in my approved Examination of conscience it is very possibly mortal. And I do have precedent for this behavior in the past, though it’s been years.

Any comments?

I guess I sometimes wonder why some of us in the Church make it so difficult for some of us others at times… I dunno…

Probably shouldn’t share any more until my soul is in a better state.

Thanks for listening and please pray for me.


Once upon a time I was too afraid to go to confession even the required once per year, so I know a little about where you’re at.

While I don’t go weekly, I certainly go much more often now and always with a “peace that surpasses all understanding.” Just last week, however, I felt the same fears you are feeling because it hadn’t been that long since I last went. Usually there are a couple months between confessions, but this was barely a couple weeks.

What helped me was starting by sitting down in the pew at church and praying.

From what you shared, it also sounds like you may be committing another sin by not going to confession. You sound more concerned with how people you encounter at confession will see you rather than how God sees you.

It is certainly unfortunate there are those - especially priests - who, regardless of their intentions, act in ways that make the sacrament uncomfortable for others. It is important and necessary for our salvation, and the only person besides God who is fit to judge whether or not your soul may not be in a state of Grace is you. I say this not because we have the knowledge, but because we often have a general idea of whether or not we are living in a state of Grace. I know because my heart is easily weighed down by my sins when I am nowhere near a state in which the sacrifice of the mass is enough to heal my brokenness.

If you feel you are not in a state of Grace, you have every right to go to confession and be absolved of your sins. Do not let the world prevent you from seeking God.


Why can you not simply wait for your usual weekly confession? You seem to have a genuine contrition and a good commitment to the sacrament.


When I went to confession recently, I noticed that the priest looked a little tired and harried. I also knew that he had a full and tightly-scheduled day ahead of him, and I began to wonder about taking up his time. “Do you really have time for this today?” I asked.

“Of course!” was his reply. I think that is the answer that every good priest would give to a sincere penitent, no matter how busy he may be.

Unless you are making a habit of “needing” extra, emergency confessions, I would say go ahead and go, and God bless you and your confessor!


We can go to Confession every day if we want, even if we have no mortal sins. It is a Sacrament of Sanctifying Grace as well as Sacramental Grace and helps us to be Holy. I went to Confession one time several years ago and had no mortal sins and the priest didn’t give me absolution. I talked to another priest about it, he heard my confession and gave me absolution. So don’t let that stop you. I still go to Confession regularly. God Bless, Memaw


It’s not the Church that makes this hard for us, it’s ourselves.

Never be afraid to go to confession. Go anytime you feel the need to do so. You can not out sin God’s mercy and forgiveness. The Priest will never tire from hearing your confession, no matter how many times or how frequently you confess.


The very best would of course be to not sin, but that, alas, is impossible.

The priest are “working” for us. He have a obligation to make time for each and everyone who need him. Sometimes it might be that he don’t have time the moment you may need, but he will make time as soon as he can. God know that you need to confess, and understand that you may be in the state of sin, but your honest intention to confess ASAP is good enough for God. (I hope it is.)

It is true that there always will be a certain kind of people who like to confess something every day, but you don’t need to worry about that. If a priest have time to listen to someone who did not close his/her eyes passing a beach in the summer he have time for you.


Priests have all the frailties of human nature the we lay people do, so the advice they give is sometimes born of frustration rather than their notion of our best interests. If your conscience tells you to go to confession, go to confession. If you KNOW FOR A FACT that you’ve committed a mortal sin, then I would recommend that you make it a priority to get to confession ASAP. The bottom line is: Follow your conscience.


What you took from the priest who seems to have scared you off from frequent Confession is wrong. He may have said what he did because he was concerned that you were excessively scrupulous or he may have been tired or he may have misspoken. So don’t worry when priests talk like this–one of their most important jobs is to hear Confessions!

As to your current concern, I once went to Confession before Mass. During the homily, the priest said something which made me think an action I had committed was a sin. He also mentioned he would hear Confession after Mass… so I went to Confession an hour after my previous Confession, when all I had done in between was pray my penance and attend Mass!

(And he explained that what I had thought was a sin was not :D)


“Very possibly mortal” means doubtfully mortal. It is not mortal if it is doubtful, so you really don’t need to go to confession off schedule.


Thank you for all the lovely replies.

I did go to Confession today and I don’t feel as cut off from God as I did. And thank God there was a priest there to go to Confession to.


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