too scared to go to sleep. 3:23 am and so much has to be done starting at 6 am. and I’ve only had a few hours sleep. Scared of my father, who I informed as to my conversion, it was my mother who interfered at first but he sent me an e-mail which I have not opened because it will contain a barb. Wherever my mother is obviously intefering, my father is sure to be right behind her obscured in shadow. I sense his presence now and it has led me to ruin before. I am scared of the community. Was threatened at the pharmacy by someone who said I wasn’t allowed to be there, afraid to return my Red Box dvd’s.

My son got into trouble again yesterday, my husband has surely, I have determined, lost his mind, and can no longer even be trusted to do evil in a comprehensible fashion.

I was making plans to leave, and I would like to, but I may have to stay, I will not leave my son behind and he won’t come with. He wants to stay. But his life and connections here are mostly so deleterious.

I have two appointments today with people who are there to help but must get some sleep and a shower if possible.

Hand healing well from injury! Bless my doctor, who took out the stitches, and thank you for your prayers. But my car has been on 5% oil life for days and I have to get it to the dealer to be serviced in the early a.m.

Confusion; please pray.


praying for you lynnehelen.

Lord God, I hope and pray that lynnehelen is able to sleep and rest. Give her peace. Grant her the wisdom and knowledge to know the best possible path to take. May she be surrounded by friends, family, and loved ones who understand her situation and can help her.

I also pray for her son and her husband. That they may not be a burden to her.

St. Michael, pray for her

Prayers for you and God bless,


IN my prayer.

Praying hard for you! God bles.

You are in my prayers.

I am going to pray to St Michael for you for your safety and protection…When I get to Knock Shrine I will be praying for you there… I know it must be difficult for you to pray at this time… I ask Our Blessed Mother to cover you with her mantle and guide you on the road to peace and safety.

St Michael the archangel
Defend us in our hour of conflict
be our safeguard against the wicketness and snares of the devil
may God rebuke him we pray
and do thou O prince of the heavenly Host
cast Satan down to hell
and with him all the wicket spirits
who roam around the world for the ruin of souls

Praying hard for you.

Remembering you and your family in my daily prayers. God bless.

May our Lord give you peace and serenity and make it possible for you to move so you can become a Catholic. May your son cooperate with you and understand your necessity for moving. I entrust you and your family to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Mother Mary, please make your intentions in this matter come true. Amen.

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