Hello. I haven’t posted on here that often lately, but I need help with something. I have mentioned before how I want to enter the Missionaries of Charity Priests, but I am scared my dad will disown me. He is extremely republican and has no use for the poor or disadvantaged. In his eyes they are scum and their problems are self inflicted. I have a polar opposite opinion. I want to serve them like Mother Teresa. How to think about this?

Your dad thinking people are scum has nothing to do with his political affiliation . I’m a Republican and know other Republicans who help the poor.

If he decides to disown you because you feel a calling to help people, then so sad for him. Y’all probably wouldn’t have a close relationship if you decide to not do what you feel called to do, anyway.

Poverty is a complicated issue and I think its important to understand a difference between the “supported” and unsupported poor - that is, those who receive benefits (such as unemployment or disability benefits) and those who receive no government support. Put simply: there obviously a difference between someone living on a rubbish dump in Central America and someone living in public housing! granted, I doubt the MC’s make that distinction but a lot of people in the secular world do. Mother Theresa herself is actually an example of this - her name has basically become almost a byword for charity, compassion and selflessness; and even those who have a critical view of the poor respect (and probably admire) her example.

Few parents would disown their son over a decision like this however. Granted your father may not agree - but then you’re not asking him to agree with your decision, or even to like it. all your asking him to do is what he already does and that’s to love you.

Wow, I looked online for them, and you weren’t exaggerating when you said you wanted to follow in the spirit of Mother Teresa!

That’s a shame. However, consider what Jesus said:

Matthew 19:29 ASV
American Standard Version
And every one that hath left houses, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or children, or lands, for my name’s sake, shall receive a hundredfold, and shall inherit eternal life.

Luke 9:62. But Jesus said to him, “No one, having put his hand to the plow, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.”

What would it mean if your dad “disowned you”?

I think the MC Sisters only return home to their family about every 10 years. At least, it is a long time between visits home.

Maybe the priest are similar. Meaning you may not see your family much anyway.

The Sisters “own” only a few things. I believe their possessions are three saris. One they are wearing, one drying on the clothes line, and one folded on the shelf. Sister told me they rotate to a different bed, shelf in their room, and place at their table. She says that way they don’t even begin to feel “this is my placemat”.

If the MC priests are like the Sisters and don’t have many possessions, your father most likely wouldn’t be giving you gifts - even if he didn’t “disown” you.

The volunteers I know with the Sisters are “Republican”. Voting Republican is probably not why your father dislikes the poor.

Maybe it would be good for you to talk with your dad about the MCs. Maybe you two would enjoy looking at these links.

Be at Peace.

Your heart is so big! May God continue to nurture your faith and desire to build His kingdom on earth helping the less fortunate. Pope Francis is asking all of us, in whatever state of life we are in, to help others in any way we can.
I pray for your dad’s blessings in the path of life you choose.
“Whoever loves father or mother, son or daughter more than Me, cannot be worthy of Me”. Matthew 10:37
Parents who do not support religious vocations for their children are not cooperating with the will of God for that person. Sometimes they will say, “I wanted you to become a lawyer or doctor, marry and give us grandchildren.”
I always say encourage your children, raise them in the faith, and let God do the rest. *He *calls them, we do not.

The Fathers go home every 5th year.

But brycehecht, I thought you said in another post that you wanted to be a diocesan Priest?

You could also check out the “Corpus Christi Movement” and the “I Thirst Movement” where you could get involved as a Priest.

The position of your dad is not Christian but you should still love and respect (but not obey) him. If he lives until he is old he will also be helpless one day, just like Jesus little ones…

If you are still interested you could contact me. I know their spirituality quite well…

I will pray for you and your father. However, I don’t think his political affiliation has much to do with his view on the poor. Personally, I would consider myself slightly right of center, politically speaking.

You have a lot of time to keep discerning God’s call. Discerning doesn’t stop until the bishop lays his hands on your head (if that is where God is calling you). I encourage you to keep talking to your priest about the whole process.

I feel I may too have a religious vocation. However, I know I cannot be certain where God is calling me. Discerning is a good but challenging process. As you keep discerning, you will be conformed more perfectly to God’s Will; but you will also (most likely) experience some doubts and question your vocation.

You must trust in God and His plan for you. You will need guidance along the way. You are in my prayers.

I hear this fella named Jesus was economically poor and spiritually wealthy :cool:

Sounds pretty accurate. Not sure exactly how it relates to the OP’s question, but works for me :smiley:

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