Scariest movies (and, please, not "The Exorcist")

Carrie (the original one)
Children of The Corn (the original one)
Drag Me To Hell
The Entity
Final Destination (the original one)
House of 1000 Corpses
Legend of Hell House
White Zombie

Welcome to the Dollhouse

I didn’t like horror movies even as a kid so I haven’t seen many. The scariest movies I ever saw were about alien invasions. Invasion from Mars (circa 50’s) creeped me out the worst. I’m still suspicious of deserts…

The Others (nice twist ending there)
Urban Legend
House on Haunted Hill

Sorry but I think the Exorcist is the scariest. The rest have never bothered me as much as that movie:shrug:

The most frightened I’ve ever been while watching a movie was at a midnight showing of “Burnt Offerings” back in the 70’s. I was 17, alone in an old theater, and terrified. Not sure if it was the movie, the theater, or a combination of both.

The question is, what makes you scared? Is it the supernatural? Is it aliens? Is it a man chasing you with an axe/hatchet/pick axe/pitch fork? For me it’s all of the above but mostly the last one.

Here’s my favorite scary movies of all time:

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (original version from the '70’s)
House of 1,000 Corpses (the sequel, The Devil’s Rejects, was really good, but not really scary, per se.)
The Exorcist (not sure why we can’t name this one, it WAS scary.)
All of the Saw movies have been fairly scary
The Shining
Rosemary’s Baby
Dawn of the Dead
Amityville Horror (original version)
The Silence of the Lambs
28 Days Later/28 Weeks Later
The Blair Witch Project
The Ring
The Exorcism of Emily Rose

I saw the original Amityville Horror when I was a teen. I was sitting in a small family owned theater, and just as the walls began to bleed and ooze, the theater owners dog, who was a staple at the theater, walked into the theater right past me, brushing me. That scared the c.r.a.p. out of me!!

Now I have a job to scare people at Halloween! It is awesome!

Sixth Sense scared the poo out of me, and I was a 50-something adult at the time.


I must be one of the few people in North America who doesn’t think The Exorcist is scary. A little girl’s head spins and she spits goo on a priest? What’s so scary about that? I thought it was far more blasphemous and morally objectionable vis a vis its depiction of the Church than I found it to be “scary” at face value.

There was a parody of “The Exorcist” on SNL w/ Richard Pryor (it’s on the Season One boxed set) and there are endless parodies of it on YouTube. Not exactly the most credible legacy for a purportedly scary movie to have.


The Ring.

Ugh, that movie kept me awake for months…I was petrified for months :(, and after all this time, I still see that little girl (Samara) climbing, skulking out of the well…walking towards the tv screen…YIKES!!! :bigyikes: My dh thought it was dumb. :shrug:

No other movie had such an effect on me, MAYBE the Exorcist. lol But, my dh and I watched that a few years ago again, and the special effects were so horrible, but that girl’s face…eek, still scary to this day, even for a movie made back in the 70’s! :eek:*

100% agree with whatevergirl up there. After seeing the Ring I was too afraid to do anything for like, the next 3 years.

I would also add
-Psycho (while not really scary, the shower & staircase scenes will mess you up lol)
-The Others (awsome ending)
-The Grudge
-The Uninvited (I thought this was truly a GREAT horror movie, even though it’s quite new)
-THE EXORCIST (heehee. come on now. Did you forget about the staircase scene? And what do you mean its portrayal of the Church?)
-Halloween/original (not really scary while you watch it, but after while you’re trying to sleep)
-The Amityville Horror/remake
-Saw I (unlike the sequels, this one is actually pretty scary, and not just gross)
-The Changeling (if you haven’t seen this one, WATCH IT. Classic)
-The Shining
-Cloverfield (alright, more cool than scary, but when they showed the monster it scared me. a lot)

*:rotfl: for the next THREE YEARS? hahha That made me laugh, Brooklyn. I know, that movie was horrible! That girl with wet hair dangling in her face, ugh. You know, that movie was a spinoff of the Japanese movie, Ringu…which was the original. And supposedly that movie is WORSE. :eek:

I also thought Blair Witch was very scary. Watch that movie, alone in the dark…ugh! I watched it last year again, and there is a part when the ‘witch’ sounds like he/she is vomiting in the woods…makes this really disturbing sound, when the college kids are in the tent. SCARY! I think that was scary, because your imagination could paint how the witch looked in your mind.

But, The Ring…scariest movie of all time. Even though it’s silly beyond words, a ghost climbing out of your tv set…it’s her face, the grainy video…the creepy colors, the horses jumping over the cliff …eeeeek! I was actually scared to go to a public restroom when I was at work! I have never had that happen before, being afraid in PUBLIC after seeing a movie. :eek:*

*I agree, that was scary too…but more creepy than scary. *

*Brooklyn, tell me about The Grudge. :hmmm: I heard about that, being very scary. I also hear The Orphanage is pretty scary, too. *

Oh! I forgot all about the Orphanage! Definite must-see. Very surprising end also, on par with The Sixth Sense.

Hmm well the Grudge is difficult to talk about without giving anything away, but it’s very much like The Ring. It was also based on a Japanese horror film. There was one scene in the movie that literally creeped me out beyond belief! I mean, it didn’t SCARE me, but you know, it gave me that feeling where you get all shivery and start looking around everywhere lol. I definitely recommend it.

And how about the scene from the Ring when they find the girl in the closet? That’s what did it for me.

And Poltergeist is also very creepy because it has a similar TV scene.

I’ve heard this, too. Can’t wait to rent it!

*To tell you the truth, I’m DONE watching scary movies. Seriously…I told my family, I don’t even want to see the WORDS ‘the ring’ on the tv menu as I’m scrolling through. lol I just can’t see that ever again. I would see the Grudge, but I just had such a long time ‘recovering’ from The Ring. lol It sounds so crazy, but I just couldn’t sleep for months, it seemed. Re The Grudge, are you talking about the part where the boy has no eyes, and meows? lol I heard about that scene from a friend…I’m like NO THANK YOU!

I even put my hand over my face when I see those Hallo-Scream commercials. I’m in Florida, and Universal Studios, I think? is the one that has that haunted house…NO WAY! :eek: Scary!

And even Poltergeist. Looks silly, but I threw away my stuffed clowns when I was a teen, when that movie came out. :rotfl:

I don’t know what’s happened to me…I used to love to watch scary movies, and never had nightmares. :rolleyes:*

lol no actually that scene was kind of funny. Anything with a meowing little boy kind of cancels out the horror element. But in the scene i’m talking about, the protagonist is looking through a mans pictures and realizes that in every single one, the same lady is somewhere in the background. It was obviously presented in a much creepier way.

And awh you don’t have to give up horror movies all together! Just switch to a different kind. I really do recommend The Orphanage, The uninvited, and definitely the Changeling. Whatever you do, stay away from the new Friday the 13th movie. That movie was practically porn. In fact, I’d go so far as to say it WAS porn. Anyone whose seen the DVD version knows what I’m talking about.

I’ve become somewhat desensitized to “scary” movies. The Shining was not really scary, just psychotic. The Blair Witch Project scary??? I thought it was humorous. The documentary I saw of it beforehand was more scary. The Grudge was a bit freaky, maybe a little scary. The castle scenes of The Last Unicorn were somewhat scary, when I saw them.

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