scary anti-catholic vision,d.dmg

can someone point out the unbiblical errors in this, Im sorry but this gave me nightmares and couldn’t sleep well?

There have been previous threads about these “visions” – just do a search of the forums. There’s no reason to let yourself be upset by something so obviously false!

Here’s my rule of thumb for reading stuff on the internet: If someone has a story to tell, and on one page you can see four or more of the following, you can dismiss it as something probably produced by a disturbed mind.

  • More than two fonts
  • More than two colors of text
  • More than three things in “scare quotes”
  • More than three bits of text in bold face
  • Underlining and bolding on the same page
  • Talk of aliens, demons, shapeshifters, lizard people, hollow earths, undead nazis, or large powerful global entities engaged in secret conspiracies.
  • More than two sensational or melodramatic pictures or videos.

Second this. The internet is full of weird people. Just check out the Time Cube guy sometime.

Guys, Guys - You “KNOW” they can’t publish anything on the internet that isn’t true !!!

Sorry I could not get more in. Doing this is a real pain.


Sorry not making fun of you, just the link you provided. Say a Hail Mary, go to confession if you need to, and go to Mass and communion. Ask Jesus and Mary to protect you from useless fear.

I take it you Googled him? :wink: He’s quite a character.

reminds me of the videos from Ugotaphonenuber (makes YTPS) and RubberFruit

Did you read that on the Internet?:smiley:

And here comes my date. She’s a french model. :stuck_out_tongue:

lol :d

Well this “vision” is pretty easy to logically prove false. Lets start the argument from the assumption that Catholicism is false - that it is wrong, from hell, the whore of babylon, and all that.

Now even if Catholicism is wrong, by virtue of being God almighty, God still knows what the concept of purgatory is, right? Of course. He’s omniscient. So then why does Christ, in this vision, get purgatory wrong? Even if its not real (Catholicism is false), he would still know and understand the concept and purpose that Catholics attribute to it and therefore speak of it accurately. Yet the “Jesus” in this vision does not. So even assuming that Catholicism is completely false, so, too, must also this vision be false.

I also wonder why in the world this supposedly devout lady who had brought many to the Lord would have needed to ask what the Book of Life is.

now that I look it again…crown of pearls? Jesus isn’t here? I can only hold hi-what? Strange non-existant relics, Satan is more powerful than Jesus? a Medusa-Nun? sounds like legend of zelda meets anti-catholicism



also she says purgatory isn’t real but we must pray for those in Hell have them taken out? Isn’t she just removing the label “Purgatory” and replacing it with Hell?

Or Michael Jackson at the top of their home webpage.
Or they include people like Alex Jones or David Icke as experts in their conspiracies. :eek: :onpatrol::knight2::popcorn::yawn:

Yep. Seriously, don’t waste your time on her. Although a prayer for her certainly wouldn’t be out of place.

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Don’t let these sites bother you. You can tell they are garbage when they try and tell you that the doctrines of the Church are false. It took me about 3 mins. to find a “visionary” who claimed that Jesus told her there was not such thing as purgatory, that it is an invention of men. WRONG! The existence of purgatory is a doctrine of the Church; it is a real place, and created by God in His mercy for us. As soon as you see something like that, get out of the site and find some nice Catholic website that will bring you closer to God. :rolleyes:

You can tell it’s probably rubbish based upon the mixed fonts, colors, etc.


God does not communicate important messages to humanity in such a form.

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