Scary situation...


I’ll try and make this brief…
I have 3 children…12, 9, 23 months. My 12 year old babysits for me 8 hours/ week…She has had the Red Cross babysitters course and we’ve had no major problems…until yesterday. I laid my youngest down for a nap, told my other two that I was going to lay down also. This isn’t unusual.
My youngest apparently got up earlier from his nap than usual. [Now this child is a difficult child…more like 23 months going on 4…very active…very demanding.] The older two were watching him. My daughter went online…assuming my 9 year was playing with him. My 9 year old was in his room playing…assuming my 12 year old was playing with him.
There was a knock on the door. The gentleman who was at the door told them that there was a little boy in a diaper with a dog on the railroad tracks. Did I mention that we not only have a railroad tracks running the length of our property but that we also border on a river? The other part to this is that we had to put a deadbolt on our door (which he has figured out) and now a chainlock…to keep him indoors.
Anyway…my children were outside getting him when I woke up. My daughter and I DROVE on the road to the other end of the tracks to get the two boys. There were a couple of other vehicles there…waiting for the “boy in the diaper” to be rescued from the train bridge…yes, the train bridge! I got the whole story once we got home. I told them I was going in the bedroom to pray when there was another knock on the door. It was a woman police officer! Someone had called it in and she wanted to make sure the child got to the right home. She wanted the story. I told her what happened. She just asked that I talk to my older children about how important it is to keep a close eye on 2 year olds. I broke down at that point…the what ifs were overwhelming! What if someone had kidnapped him? What if he would’ve fell between the railroad ties into the river or got stuck? What if a train had come? What if? What if? It is haunting me! I took the kids to the park and we played and had a great time. But by the time we came home, it was settled in my brain again!
So this is my question…I’ve prayed to God …I’ve thanked him for keeping my son safe…I’ve thanked our dear Mother Mary because she had to have had a hand in his safety somehow…I went to the man’s house who came and let us know our son was on the tracks and thanked him. I want to let this go…is there a saint that can help me?
I am a good mother. My children are great kids…this was an unfortunate accident/incident. However, I don’t know if I can let them babysit for me any more.
Any suggestions? Be gentle with any criticism…my heart can’t take it right now.


Hang in there. Thank God your son wasn’t hurt, and comfort your other two children that God is merciful and watches out for us. I have found that the more people (of whatever age) there are who are in charge of watching a child, the higher the likelihood that this type of incident will happen. I don’t think your daughter was at all irresponsible, she just made the mistake in judgment of believing her brother was being watched by someone else. In the future make the transfer of responsibility very specific (daughter from 1-2, son from 2-3, etc.) It turned out okay and it’s VERY important for all of you to remember that. Try your best not to what-if the situation to death. God is merciful, and although tragedy does happen, in this instance it didn’t. Sometimes it does, and to think that all the preparation in the world can prevent it presumes that those to whom it does happen deserve it. That is not a fair judgment and not one that you intend. Love your sons and your daughter, thank God for reminding you how very precious they all are and know that you are in our prayers. God Bless you and keep you.


Awww I’m so sorry for your trial.I have 9 children…and have had 2 “escapes” from 2 different sets of children (boys, 15mos apart).
I found my 15 month old in the middle of the street and his brother made it across…2yrs old. :eek:

I finally found special sliding locks at the hardware store.
If that fails…children go in Mom’s room with lock on that door, so poor tired Mom can have a nap.

It is so scary. But you are not the 1st Mom…we just don’t talk about it 'cause it is one of our worst nightmares come true,as you now know only too well. :frowning:

Actually, you can look at this as a gift…Now you KNOW you have a little ‘Houdini’ on your hands and can prepare accordingly for future activities. :rolleyes:

Please Mom,give yourself a break and tell yourself what you would say to another Mom who came to you with this problem.

As for a saint…I’d recommend St. Rita…her boys were a handful and she is invoked as Saint of Impossible causes…that ought to cover it.(((hugs)))


Oh, wow. The police thing would have pushed me right over the edge I think. I’m glad every thing is okay. Thanks be to God.

In addition to the suggestions above, try to see where things got messed up and if there is something specific and concrete that can be done now and in the future.

And check to see where everybody is with this. Do any of the children think they are bad now? If you can cut yourself some slack and ackowledge with your kids that this was a dangerous thing, but be thankful things turned out well, and we can learn something from everything, I think any “trauma” can be minimized.

Something like this calls for some intercession for guidence and thanksgiving. :gopray:


We moms sure have our nerves tried, don’t we? Gosh, what a scary situation. Praise God everyone is okay. I can think of no better saint to pray to than Our Lady! Do you remember the story of her and Saint Joseph finding Jesus in the temple? Can you imagine the horror and fright the Blessed Mother must have experienced not knowing where her son was? So she understands your pain and your fear. Pour it out to her, and ask her for guidance.


Amazing that your family avoided any tragedy.

Don’t distrust your older children…they very likely feel horrible and this incident will serve to teach communication as well as responsibility.

I’m glad your little Houdini is OK. God Bless!


Was this one of the 8 hours per week that your 12 year old babysits? If so, then she should have been the one watching the baby.

If not, then I don’t really see that either older child did anything wrong. If you expect your older children to watch for the baby waking up early and to play with him without waking you in that event, then you should make that expectation clear to them, and instruct them as to how to hand off that responsibility to each other.


Thank you all for your posts and support! I’ll have to read up on St Rita…Thanks for that info Mary! Jc413…Thanks also for reminding me of Mary and Joseph when they looked for Jesus! I hadn’t thought of that!

I feel much better …Thank you all!

~Weezir, Mother of Houdini II :smiley:


Dear Weezir,

I had something similar happen years ago when my oldest two sons were 4 and almost 2. I accidentally fell asleep on the couch and they took off up the road. I don’t remember the particulars anymore, but someone brought them home. I felt embarrassed, but on the other hand, what cute little adventurers my boys were! Anyways, those two are 26 and 24 now. You’ve got quite a go getter on your hands, which can be quite an asset later in life!

I would take this as a warning that your daughter isn’t quite ready to handle this handful of a toddler that you are blessed with. I wouldn’t overdo the sibling babysitting deal anyways. Also, I would be careful about letting a 12 year old go online. Plus, things like that are a distraction from the babysitting task at hand.

I had a friend long ago who had a kid like this. She took off down the road like this before she learned to walk. Her baby was an escape artist. The neighbor saw a little cloud of dust on the side of the country road, as this baby was furiously crawling faster than a bat out of hell. That was one high energy kid!


It has happened to the best of us.

My daughter, at the age of 3 or 4, kicked out the screen to her bedroom window and was “dancing” on the porch roof in the rain.:bigyikes: I put bars on the windows to make sure it never happened again.


p.s. I found that a hook and grommet or a small dead bolt at about the 5 and half foot level on the door keeps the little escape artists in. (just keep the chairs away):tsktsk:


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