Scheduled Rosaries


Is there any way for large groups of us to pray the rosary simultaneously? I know there are some sites like ChurchPop which do live rosaries at certain days and times. Theres also the site that has simultaneous worldwide rosaries that are ongoing.

But is there something that could be organized for CA Forum members here to pray at the same time together?


You can ask CA members to perhaps meet each other on Instagram live streaming for example on the Forum - if that’s permitted.


i like “come pray the” i go there often & pray live with many others

we don’t have audio or video here on CAF

so i don’t see how “we” could pray the rosary together

it would be very difficult to coordinate, logistically


Yeah I was wondering if there was a platform that would support audio or video we could use for this purpose and if people would be interested in getting together for that sort of thing.


i would definitely be interested…



We would need to find a suitable international time


Mm, that’s true. Well even then there could be more than one scheduled. And like I said, this is all reliant on the use of some other program or app that can do audio or video. I was thinking maybe a livestream where somebody leads and we all respond by ourselves, but its still going on at the same time. Like on Youtube possibly?


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