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I’m looking to get some subscriptions to scholarly work. I’d prefer it to be Catholic although I don’t mind reading the views of Protestant scholars where Scripture is concerned. I’m most interested in scripture and church history but I’ll basically read anything. Free access is a bonus, but I enjoy getting literature in the mail to sit down with and read. Thanks in advance! might have something you like, I’m a Contributing writer

In no particular order:

  • First Things - founded by a Jesuit priest; discusses many contemporary issues of culture and politics; not exclusively Catholic
  • Letter & Spirit - founded by Dr. Scott Hahn; thoroughly Catholic academic journal on biblical studies; comes out once a year (more or less)
  • Communio - founded by von Balthasar, de Lubac, and some guy named “Ratzinger” :wink: What more do you need to know! [note that there are actually a number of journals named “Communio”, so make sure you are looking at the right one]
  • Journal of Moral Theology - comes out of Mount St. Mary’s; covers moral theology (as the name implies)
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Another one that hasn’t been mentioned so far: Biblica, a quarterly journal published by the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome. Not all the articles are in English, though.

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