Scholarship on the Historicity of Christ


I know about Lee Strobel’s book but other than that, is there other supplemented scholarship or extensive research on the historicity of Christ’s resurrection?

Anything I should look out for when discussing this with those that reject the historicity?



There’s this one!

He writes good stuff!


are you asking about the humanity or the divinity of Jesus or both.

There are more then a few wonderful writers on high and low christology and how it developed.

Are you asking about the validity of the resurrection of Jesus? a good place to start would be in examining the heresies that began as people attempted to define what the ministry and Passion of Jesus meant.

Gnostics, Docetism, Ebiontism, Arianism, Nestorianism, subordinationism, Monarchialism, apollinarianism, monothelitism, etc. These early schools of thought, in the Jesus movement and later the early church, were examined and denied if you like, by the early councils. The orthodox centre was looking for the straight road of doctrine and how we define the humanity and divinity of Jesus.
the Heretical left were exaggerating the humanity of Jesus and denying His divinity, The heretical right were exaggerating the Divinity of Jesus at the expense of His humanity.

a good writer on the humanity of Jesus is a guy from the 1950s who says we kind of disregarded the humanity of Jesus for a very long time. His name is karl Rahner, a jesuit priest.


Thanks for the recommendation, I love Bishop Barron and I actually didn’t know he wrote a book on it


Oh well I’m more talking about the historical evidence and argumentation of the events of Jesus and the apostles.

The theological aspects are appreciated though.


Cornelius Tacitus says something Jesus in his Annals book 15 I do believe

Flavius Josephus also said something about Jesus


Actually, Dr. Pitre wrote the book, Bishop Barron wrote the foreword!


Oh, seems I jumped too soon looking at the second name :sweat_smile: I’ll definitely see if I grab it, I have quite a wishlist of books haha


the issue is, no one witnessed the resurrection.

There is a biblical account of over 500 plus the Apostles and disciples seeing and meeting with Jesus after His resurrection.
But no one witnessed the actual event.

there is the Jewish historian Josephus. He was at the sacking of Jerusalem and the burning of the Temple, and at the later revolts. He has written a lot of those times.


bishop flavius was killed in early christian times for professing the divinity of Jesus.


I thought Flavius Josephus was an orthodox Jew!?


which century? nm I was referring to flavius clemens :slight_smile:


Him. He Jewish


empirically we know
the disciples later stated claims about Jesus… these included empty tomb, appearances, that Jesus was raised,
the lives of the disciples of Jesus changed drastically as a result of these claims.
They believed that God did not abandon Jesus. They too will be raised in the last days

And the history of the world changed completely as a result of this belief and message of Christianity.

There was before the experience of Christ, globally, and there was after the experience of Christ.


Who is ignoring your question lily?


If you’re asking specifically about the historicity of the Resurrection, I suggest N. T. Wright’s book:


Okay awesome thank you for the recommendation!


Would you like to pm me and talk a little bit about religion?


In addition to those great recommendations above, I suggest William Lane Craig’s ‘Reasonable Faith’ website which has a nice tract about the resurrection. Could give you some nice background before diving in to N.T. Wright, for example.


Gary Habermas used to have some good books on the subject.

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