Scholarship to parochial school


My daughter is entering kindergarten this year and I am looking for any and all scholarships available. I have Googled and almost all items listed are for college scholarships. Alot of them were for websites that you had to pay for just to get another list of websites! :mad:

Anyone have any suggestions? :confused:


If it is a matter of financial difficulty with the tuition, contact your local school. Most Catholic schools have arrangements for families in financial need who wish to send their children to Catholic school.


Iā€™m afraid that those are all gone. Besides, from what I understand, I would not qualify as I am just over the income requirements.

Any other ideas?


most scholarships to parochial schools are local or diocesan. Sometimes parishes, particularly those with strong tithing programs, offer tuition assistance for their own or surrounding area Catholic schools. Many dioceses offer scholarships as well. In both Cleveland and Detroit there was a test given to 8th graders as an entrance exam and scholarship qualifying test for Catholic high schools. Other Catholic orgs like Knights or Catholic daughters may also offer scholarships, try your diocesan office of education for referrals. There may also be programs for minorities, migrants, native Americans etc, depending on your diocese.


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