I need to know where my husband can get scholarships to attend the University of Dallas for a theology degree. Any suggestions? If we cannot find something then he will have to drop out because the debt we are getting into is just to much for our family.


first get the list of all avilable scholorships at the university. At my uni there’s over 300 and there’s only 3 thousand students. There may be small scholorships for things like being catholic in certian dioceses

Second, try, its annoying but they often have some good ones.


We have already done all of that. UD is beginning to not hand out as many scholarships and cater to the more wealthy students.


I would highly recommend checking out I do know they do undergrad and i am not sure about grad school.

They will email you when scholarships match you


I can’t remember he’s in grad school correct? What does he want to do with it and how much longer does he have left?


No, he is still and undergrad has at least two years left. If we take all the spring, summer and winter terms he can graduate a little earlier. His degree is in theology and he would like to teach and go on to get his Masters.


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