I just have a quick question. Is lying to get a scholarship considered grave matter? It’s a scholarship around 3500. I lied…and I got it. Is this a mortal sin? I was going to tell the truth but my parents were MAD when I told them I wasn’t going to go through with it. They went over there and turned in the rest of my application.


Is it ok to lie??? or is that a sin??? what does your consience tell you?? Sometimes the hardest things to do are the right ones but it is always something you won’t regret as you will if you do wrong or get something under false pretences.

Good luck to you… my prayers are with you. Be strong in the lord he will show you the way.

It depends how bad the lie was. Say you lied about your interests and how often you are involved, thats not bad. But if you say lied about your G.P.A to be eligible to get scholarship or lied about your ACT score or forged a transcript, yea that would be worse. Go to confession about it :thumbsup:

I know lying is a sin… I turned in my application and everything that was needed except two letters of recommendation. I wasn’t going to turn in those two letters but while I was away my parents got two people to write the letters and took them to the school the next day. I was going to tell them the truth and get them to scrap my application but my parents were real mad telling me "NOOO! They will help pay for so much and it will really help us out!"
I wanted to tell the truth but my parents were with me. I’m not blaming them but… I just wanted to know if I committed a mortal sin.

It’s a scholarship program for migrant workers. You have to do farm work and not for your parents. I do sometimes to farm work but only for my parents. I had my brother-in-law lie that I help him. Everything else was true… ACTs, GPA, grades, everything except for that I worked for my bro-in-law.

Sounds like the scholarship committee specifically wanted a migrant farmer that wasn’t employed by his/her parents. Lying to gain a $3500 scholarship sounds grave to me, a definite form of stealing. Of course, in order for it to be mortal sin, there had to be full consent, which by your explanation, does not seem to be there.

Do you still have a chance to refuse the scholarship?

I might… I don’t know but my parents would slaughter me.

Jart, pray for your parents. What price is integrity worth? $3,500?

I would suggest that if you are truly in no position to do anything about this, then vow that when you are able to earn money you will repay that school with interest in the form of a donation to their scholarship fund.

You obviously are seeking to do the right thing. Don’t stop.

If you can’t refuse the scholarship, perhaps you could eventually try to make a donation as was suggested above.

What if I were to help out my brother-in-law on the ranch whenever he needed me? Could that make up for it?

You know, that might help a lot. It would make the letter true. Go for it! :thumbsup: It would pull your actions into conformity with the words. And that, my friend, is called The Truth. Very good idea!

Would that turn you into a “migrant worker”?

It sounds like the scholarship was designed for people who are disadvantaged in a particular way. Migrant workers have a hard time getting an education even at the elementary-secondary level. Their educations are interrupted as their families move from place to place. Think about moving from one school to another just once. There may be topics you never cover because you didn’t quite get to it at one school and the other school already covered it. Now think about doing that repeatedly and think about what it would do to your education. So you have a kid in this position who gets through high school and is accepted to college. Then they face the problem of paying for their educations. It’s not likely that their parents would have the money to help them. So they apply for a scholarship specifically aimed at helping them. And someone else who doesn’t have all their disadvantages gets it.

Does occasionally working for your brother-in-law put you on equal footing with the other people applying for the scholarship?

:smiley: That’s the only alternative I could think of since a 3500 donation is a lot and I’d have to have money for that. Meaning I’d probably have to go with Physician Assistant as my major instead of EMS. (I can’t decide)

The poster before me brings up some very good issues. Since I really don’t know the specifics of the scholarship or what your own status is, you may want to carefully consider the words of SuscipeMe.

That would help, but something else you can do, is benefit other people around you (not just your brother), by helping out at their ranch. If there is an older couple near you or someone who is going through struggles due to finances or sickness, help them out. That would warrant my view on receiving this scholarship, and making yourself feel better. Can you go to confession about this?

I just wanted to tell you, I feel for you. It is SO DIFFICULT when you’re caught in the middle like that. You don’t want to lie, but you also don’t want to hurt your parents.
I will say a prayer for all of you.


Oh, and I wanted to ask you: How do your parents justify the lie? What are their beliefs?
Maybe you all need to have a serious talk about all this?

I called the program and they said it’s for anyone who does farm work. They also said they don’t get that many applicants.

Thanks for all the replies. I’m going to talk to a priest tomorrow for confession.

Believe me I’ve tried. They don’t listen.

Been praying for you.
How are you doing??


Thank you.

I talked to a priest about it. He told me to try and work for my brother-in-law or someone else for I can make up for it. I’ve talked to my bro-in-law he said he will call whenever he needs me. The thing is when I’m going to college next month and when he needs help I’ll have to drive 2.5 hours. :frowning:

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