Hello Catholics,

I live in Laredo, Texas and was wondering if anyone knew of a Schola close by our city. We are trying to set up a TLM and I was just curious if there was a Schola nearby to possibly invite for our first Mass. Thank you!

For music forgot to say!

I don’t know of any scholas down there (I’m in Wisconsin), but congrats on starting a TLM and my God help you in your work to find a schola! There’s several good schola up here, but you probably won’t want to fly them down… :smiley:

There is a scola at the Basilica of the National Shrine of Nuestra Senora de San Juan del Valle is San Juan, Texas, about 120 miles from Laredo. The Director of Liturgy for the Diocese of Brownsville, Fr. Greg Labus, was responsible for organizing it.

You might want to give the Shrine, the Diocese of Brownsville or Fr. Labus a call.

Thanks guys! This is looking very promising so far. Appreciate your help.

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