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I wanted to make the folks on this forum aware of a situation. I receive emails alerts from the liberal website (know your enemies!) and recently received one regarding Scholastic (the folks that run the book fairs at most public schools). Apparently they are outraged that Scholastic decided not to carry a particular book that depicts a girl and her two lesbian mothers at their book fairs (Luv Ya Bunches). In response to this they are circling a petition asking them to change this decision. Now, the company still sells the book through their book club, and they carry other books that I’m sure we can find fault with. The company is far from perfect. HOWEVER, they have made a decision that I respect and I would hate for them to change it because they only heard from one side. Please send them a letter or post on their blog letting them know that you too support this decision.

I have to wonder about the whole story behind the decision. There are a lot of books not carried in their book fairs - otherwise the book fairs would take up entire city blocks. A lot of times people/companies are accused of book banning when really they are guilty of book selection. Were there schools that specifically requested it not be brought to the fair? Was it simply not included, like other books on their shelves? Was someone looking for it and they said “it’s not here” or “we decided to exclude it on purpose”? Very interesting.

Scholastic allows the school to select the books they will show at their book fairs and pretty much everything in the catalog is allowed, although they have recommended packages for ease of ordering. I think the responsible parent will look at everything Scholastic has to offer–and by the way get involved and find out who is now in charge of prestigious awards like the Newberry–to realize how the mind manipulators have infiltrated the kiddie lit world. If you are a Catholic school parent please spend your efforts lobbying your PTO and school administration against a Scholastic book fair, and offer to organize a non-PC event.

We have a Scholastic book fair yearly in our devout Parish and the books they bring are appropriate and educational. My opinion is that if you look hard enough you can find fault in anything. If Scholastic meets your needs and provides appropriate material, use them.


I attended the book fair at my son’s catholic school last year and brought it to the librarian’s attention that there was a book with magic spells and a magic wand in it. I think it was called Wizardry? No telling how long it had been there! :mad:

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