School and being in the Catholic MINORITY


I am having such a hard time balancing school and faith. Faith of course is the most important thing in my life… Seeing how there is No Catholic school in my area whatsoever I am at a public(baptist) school. My teachers even act like my religion is ooh so strange. lol
I feel so stressed trying to get all of my work done because when I get home I like to spend my time watching Ewtn, reading the bible, and praying. My grades have always been so good and this year they have dropped. They have only dropped slightly but it still stresses me. I ask that you all pray for me, and that you give me any advice you have that will help me balance school and my WONDERFUL Catholic faith!

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I grew up in a similar situation. Only, I wasn’t yet Catholic. I was Methodist, but the Baptists considered Methodism to be some sort of Catholic brand (Why I have no idea).

Here’s my first bit of advice: Don’t panic! Don’t worry so much about what protestants think of you. You know as well as I that most of the Baptists around you have no idea what the Catholic Church is or what we believe and nothing you can say will change their minds.

So, what do you do? Be a better Catholic than they are protestant. Keep learning your faith so that you can defend it intelligently and compassionately. I’ve been preached to so many times and the best way to demonstrate your faith maturity is to use patience and charity in your explanations.

Your grades will likely improve once you’re more comfortable about your faith. Look at it this way, you’re the new counter-culture in your community. Remember to preach the gospel at all times and when necessary, use words.


Tommy it’s great to hear that you are continuing to rejoice in your Catholic faith. You remain in my prayers. I ask the Lord to keep you very close always


Tommy, my children have been in the same situation. They are becoming very good at apologetics (but always with charity). Get a good apologetics book or use this site, and find the answer to the biggest question or remark that you get every day. My high schooler also often reminds the other kids that the Catholics were first and refers them to their history book. Be patient with the others and with yourself.
God bless.


I hope your school has a Newman Center or Catholic campus ministry. You might want to check into what they have to offer. Beyond going to Mass they may have spiritual activities or social activities. Even having a place to hang out with other Catholics can be beneficial.



Wanting to fill your free time with Catholic things is great, but until you spend an appropriate amount of time on your studies and any chores or other obligations that you have your time is not really “free time.” This is the time when you are laying the foundation for the rest of your life. It may not seem like a huge deal to go from As to some Bs at this point, but you don’t know what your future holds. It could mean the difference between getting into the college of your choice or getting a certain job that you really want later in life.

You honor God by making the best possible use of the gifts that He has given you. Clearly you were capable of making better grades in the past, so He did gift you with intelligence. Remember the story of the servants who were given different amounts of money by their master to invest? One of the take aways of that Bible story was that to whom much is given, much is expected. You don’t have to be actively praying or watching EWTN or reading your Bible to be honoring your faith and your God. When you do your very best at homework or at school, you can offer those things to God in thanks for all that He has given you!

You can pray little things all day while still taking care of your obligations. You can silently pray on the way to school and offer your day and all of your work to God and ask to do His will that day. You can make a short prayer in between classes thanking God for the opportunity to go to school in a world where so many people don’t have that opportunity or thanking Him for your friends or teachers. You can pray something like The Angelus at 6am, noon and 6pm without skipping chores, homework or school.

If there are some shows you really want to see on EWTN when you should be working on schoolwork or chores, can’t you record them and save them for free time on weekends or after your work is done?

I really pray that you find a way to honor God without wasting one bit of the talent that He has given you. Maintaining the best grades possible becomes even more important as our economy slumps and tuition and other costs increase for college. Earning a scholarship for college or other vocational training can be a gift that you offer back to God and also use to honor your family for providing you with a home and the ability to go to school.

May God continue to bless you!


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