School and Indoctrination

My subjects and subject teachers (specifically Religious Studies) are pushing immoral and anti-Catholic moral teaching perspectives (i.e. abortion, contraception, anti-marriage) and whenever I raise a point against it, it is either ignored or somehow perverted to push the teachers point. I know Fr. Ripperger says to do things as befits ones state in life, so how am I supposed to confront this? In the past I have tried in a different area (when the school was pushing gender ideology) and I was ultimately refused by the then-headmaster. Please help, I despise it when the truth - certainly in these matters - is being rejected and preached against.

Is this a Catholic school?

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Is this a Catholic school? Is it a secondary school or college level? Are you a minor or adult? Have you given the information regarding what is being taught to your parents?


I, too, would like to know that context of your educational setting.

My inclination is to encourage you to continue speaking up. Education is (should be, anyway :roll_eyes:) about hearing different perspectives and not feeling threatened by them. (That includes you as as well as your teacher! :slight_smile:) You don’t know whom you may be influencing. Even if your teacher or professor is dismissive, other students may consider what you have to say. Just stay calm and civil!

What is something specific that your teacher or professor has said against Catholicism?


If it’s not a Catholic school, you have no obligation to speak up, and they may be dismissive (an unnecessary uphill battle).

If it is a Catholic School, this would be a slightly different issue to take up your chain of command (direct mention to the instructor, if that fails, then the person in charge of them, etc). I’d expect even a Catholic university to not teach against Catholic morals, regardless if they ever mentioned Catholic morals, as they should not instruct counter to the Magisterium.

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Good points.

In a secular setting, the OP may still have some recourse. Religious bigotry, if that is indeed what’s occurring, (and why I asked for specifics), is arguably one of the most commonly occurring and least enforced violations of the Civil Rights Act.


It is a secular secondary school in Britain, I have told my parents this and they don’t care very much. What anti-Catholic things that have been said are specifically against the moral teaching of the Church (though some saints like St. Paul and St. Thomas Aquinas have been “softly” disparaged for their views on the sexes, St. Paul’s being that of Sacred Scripture). Abortion has been promoted and so has contraception as “liberating” for women. Such things as the nonsense view that sex and “gender” are completely separate things and one can actually change ones “gender” (which is impossible) has been promoted and students use of language has been policed when the words are used interchangeably. When I have promoted views in conformity with Catholic teaching either the view has been somehow perverted and used to promote the teacher’s agenda or I have been effectively called closed minded (though I haven’t directly been named) or my view has been ignored.
One time, the teacher quoted St. John 14:6 where Our Lord says “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life” and claimed that Our Lord was not claiming that he is those things but merely a way to those; clearly that was a lie and for someone who has a degree in religious studies it is a shocking misrepresentation of the topic.
Previously, as I have mentioned, I have complained about the school pushing gender ideology but have been sidelined and put in a “homophobia” workshop where they pushed even more gender ideology nonsense!
Another of my RS teachers (the same teacher who I first complained to about gender ideology), when we were learning about secularism in relation to the UK, claimed that President Trump is a racist and when I presented an alternative view point she said that she does not want to have the class to be political even though other students were allowed to voice their political opinions.
I am disturbed by what is happening in my school. I think that the teachers, for the most part, aren’t even aware of their hypocrisy and stupidity - I do not intend to insult them, I’m just saying it as it is.

We are in a cultural war. Right now, they are winning. They do this by shutting down our side of the conversation, as you have noticed. They also attack people like us with ad hominem attacks. They also like to confuse us in arguments by asking many questions (peppering us) at once, sending us on a wild goose chase. So if the conversation starts with abortion, it can end with a discussion of gay rights. For these things, you can call them out. 1) Ask: why are you trying to shut down this conversation?
2) Why are you using an ad hominem attack? 3) Are you able to stay on topic or not?

They also like to throw us to the wolves, ie. the human rights commissions. For this we need lawyers and money. We get this from social liberals themselves, who notoriously spend on foolish things. We need to use their money to turn the tables against them.

In other words, for war, you need tactics.

I think you are doing great, by the way. Soldier on, correcting people as required.

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First of all, I’m sorry you’re receiving a hopelessly substandard education. I realize that sounds harsh, but any school that doesn’t encourage a free and open exchange of ideas isn’t a school but a training camp.

Now that I have more context, my first choice in your shoes would be to transfer schools. If this is not an option for you, choose your battles wisely. For example, focus on abortion by addressing that “liberation” nonsense. Read the works of pro-life feminists. Also, I can’t say enough wonderful things about this resource.

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