school books

There are certain books used in my school that are not very Christian. They have things about contraception and other uncatholic things. Do I still have to learn them?

In order to understand why contraception is evil and diligently avoid it, it is helpful to at least know what it is. Therefore, I don’t think there is any harm in reading about it, though you may disagree with the author’s conclusion that it is beneficial. In general, I think you ought to read whatever assignment the teacher gives you to study. However, if you get in trouble for oposing what it contains on the grounds of your morals and faith, then you may need to get some help.

Talk to your parents. I am not sure about the laws in Ireland. In the US, parents can remove their children from the classroom during such objectionable topics.

I agree with this. In order to fights these evils, we must know what they are. Good luck.

My brother-in-law studied botany and forest science at university. There was heaps of evolution stuff in it, of course. So he would write what ‘they’ wanted to hear and then he’d also write what he believed. That way, they couldn’t fail him, as he’d given ‘them’ the “right” answer.

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