School Days, School Days


The kids in Public school here start tomorrow. This is VERY EARLY for those here in south Louisiana. It used to be a week later than this but nope tomorrow. Been 5 years retired from the school system and NOT looking back but I do pray for all of the educators and those going to school to be educated. God help all children have a safe, healthy, holy, productive school year.

For those home schooling "keep on truckin’ "


Wow, that’s early!

Praying with you.


It is starting tomorrow here too. I think it is a buffer for snow days or something.


September over here in the UK


It is a holdover from when the south was a pretty much an agricultural society. The children were pretty much extra hands in the fields. In the springtime, they got out of school earlier so that kids could help with the planting. After WW2 When machinery took over farming and super farms evolved there was no dire need to have all your families out trying to keep the farms productive and food on the tables. It is something of a tradition to start school early and let school out early and it isn’t rare to see kids out in the fields working with their families, but not common. I know that the E. Coast always start after labor day. Things change but sometimes slowly


I have many thoughts about our school calendar, but nobody asks for my input. They should, though, because I’m pretty sure I’m right! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

For this and many other reasons we’re contemplating homeschool next year. Gotta do my research this year.


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