School lawyer lied about 'arrest' of girl suspended for trying to help drunken pal, attorney says


It was bad enough when a Massachusetts school threw the book at an honor student who tried to help a drunken friend get home from a party, but the district’s lawyer made things even worse when he lied to a judge and claimed would-be designated driver Erin Cox was arrested, Cox’s attorney charged.

“In fact, as the police officer at the scene reported in a statement that was provided to the principal and the judge, Erin was not arrested and did nothing wrong,” Murphy added. “He added that she had not been drinking, had no intention of drinking, was there to help a friend and did not have even the ‘slightest’ odor of alcohol on her person.”


Schools seem to be on a roll lately…

A South Carolina mother says her son was suspended for drawing a picture of a cartoon bomb at home and bringing it to school.


I’m glad to hear the girl was not arrested. That would have been true injustice.


If the lawyer lied I’d like to know if he’s subject to sanctions from the bar.
Attorney’s statements aren’t like sworn testimony but I think “offering facts not in evidence” is an ethical violation if not a crime.


Having lived in North Amdover I am not surprised by this story one bit. First, the police in NA has absolutely nothing to do with their lives, and I mean it, so because they are so bored it is very common for them to do this kind of irrational things and harass people. Then the schools in MA, well that is another crazy story, they can’t be more irrational because you can’t do it. So I would say that is typical of NA. Maybe what they have to do is send the North Andover police to help in Lawrence.


Minutes after Cox showed up, Boxford police arrived and shut it down. Some students were arrested, but most — including Cox — were given summonses for underage possession of alcohol. Police later backed Cox’s version of events.

I’m having a hard time figuring out the issue here. While a summonses is not an arrest it is the equivalent of being ticketed. If the police know that the student did not consume alcohol why was she ticketed? Was she carrying alcohol out of the party?

I fail to see the argument that her parents are making. If she was cited for minor in possession of alcohol she’s probably violated the school’s rules against substance abuse for an athlete.

It’s great that she was going to drive her friend home, but how did she end up with the MIP?

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