School leaders and parents outraged over Montgomery Md. County Closure of Non public schools, Catholic schools are reopening elsewhere,

“The thought that everyone in this community is happy with this is baloney,” Rabbi Zev Katz, principal of the girls’ division of the Yeshiva of Greater Washington told me. “This seems like tremendous governmental overreach."

“It’s overreaching. It’s inappropriate,” Rabbi Yitzchok Merkin, headmaster of the Yeshiva told me. “It’s just wrong.”

Principals and board members of multiple Catholic parishes told me they were unable to comment without permission from the Archdiocese of Washington. The Archdiocese pointed out how hard schools and the Archdiocese had been working to make in-person instruction safe by modifying buildings and schedules and imposing rules — all in accord with guidance from federal and state health officials.

“Great care has been taken by our school leaders to create reopening plans that follow all current state and national guidelines for reopening schools,” stated the perpetually nonconfrontational Archbishop Wilton Gregory.

There are a number of articles on Catholic schools reopening. In New England, Catholic schools are opening and some are offering a $1000 discount for new students which has been very successful. Their schools are full. My daughter tried to get her daughter into kindergarten which was available two weeks ago but she called back and grades are now full.

This isn’t going to stand. MontCo is one of the wealthiest counties in the nation and as shown by the article, not only the Catholics but the Jewish residents are upset.

Governor Hogan is not going to let this stand. Apart from being unpopular, it will likely bring a lawsuit for religious discrimination since there’s lots of lawyers and money to pay lawyers there.

(Governor Hogan is a good gov…best one since Willie Don Schaefer. )

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In my town, some of the Catholic schools are reopening 5 days a week while the public schools are being more cautious and doing partial virtual learning. I assume one of the reasons the Catholic schools that are reopening are doing so is financial – who wants to pay private school tuition for virtual instruction? But that doesn’t mean it’s safe. It’s not.

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Post withdrawn as I’m now seeing a bunch of conflicting info regarding this (the private schools aren’t opening, the private schools will open Oct 1, the public schools will be all virtual, the public schools won’t be all virtual) so I’ll refrain from commenting till I see something definitive.

I used to live in HoCo next door so I’m watching this story as well as the one about the opposition to busing in HoCo.

I grew up in HoCo, and moved back here after I got out of the USAF. From what I can tell, they are shutdown for in person education until October 1, when they will “reevaluate.”

I don’t care if they shut them down until September 5th. The precedent is horrendous. Today it is due to public safety. But what whim will they rely on the next time they choose to dictate how private institutions choose to operate? Bear in mind, these schools could only open if they complied with CDC guidelines, and each school in my diocese had to submit their plan to the diocese for approval before being green-lit.

The precedent is why I fully expect to see legal action over this if some compromise is not reached.

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