School Problems

Hi all, I’ve recently encountered some moral dilemmas regarding my school work, which I’d appreciate help with. I do have scrupulous tendencies, so they may not even be issues at all.

My final paper for one class requires me to read history books which deal with medieval Europe, and one of them is about a priest who learned through Confessions about a cult, which he set out to stop. I’m wondering, since the priest learned about this through Confessions and made known the existence of this cult, was he violating the Seal of Confession? And thus, would I be obligated to not act (ie. write the paper) because this information was learned through Confession? Or since I wasn’t hearing the actual Confession would I not be bound as well? Also, some of the books talk about Inquisition Records, which I was wondering as to whether they are open to the laity (I’d gotten the idea that some of them were supposed to be secret).

Finally, I have a presentation in another class with a classmate, where we each discuss resources in our community. One of hers is a local Indian healer (I get the impression the healer is a curandero). I’m just wondering if cooperating in this project would be implicitly condoning the healer’s practice, or if I should ask my classmate to present on one of her other sources.

Again, sorry if this all sounds silly, but I’m really unsure. Thanks!

Please get spiritual guidance from your pastor, not the internet.

Yes, it does sound like scrupulosity, and that is all the more reason to get conistent spiritual help from your priest and not random people on the internet that (a) do not know you and (b) are not trained in helping those with scrupulosity.

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