School project on Islam and Mohammed help !

I was wondering did the Muslim prophet mahammod just wrote down what he thought god was telling him or was it his opinion ? We have to learn about lslam at school and how can we refute this and Mohammed and the religion ? And not to be rude but I need answers to be realistic and historical if you see what I mean ?
I am arguing against btw lol
Thanks very much :slight_smile:

I do know that muslims believe that what he wrote was what God was telling him. However, you may wish to contact a local mosque for better info. Why do you wish to refute thier beliefs - they are entitled to believe as they wish just as we do. If this is what your teacher is asking you to do I am very disapointed as a Christian/ Catholic.

It sounds like it’s more of a debate style project. I don’t think it’s appropriate, but then again I remember having “mock” trials in school and arguing some pretty serious political issues, so I am not surprised. It could actually be an interesting way to teach people to respect the beliefs of others by actually learning about them. Think of how many people would probably be Catholic if they understood what we truly believe and not what they have heard.

As for your project, I agree with the idea of getting the information right from the source. Why not sit down with a local leader of that faith and pose the questions directly to them. Personally, when I was doing comparative religion studies I tried to study directly from the teachers of each faith. I found it a great experience, except for Scientology, lol.

Scientology isn’t so much a faith as it is an alternative to psychology… or sanity… >_>

But yes, definitely sit down with an Imam (right word?) at a Mosque and ask them about it. The only way to truly debate something is with all the available facts. The more detailed your base, the more able you’re going to be to refute it.

As a Catholic who does get tired of being told erroneous things that Catholics believe, I’m all for asking Muslims what Muslims believe. Of course, finding out “what Muslims believe” is to some extent like finding out “what Protestants believe.” There is a lot of overlap, but it’s by no means a single set of beliefs for all Muslims–at least that is my understanding, but I’m not Muslim, so… :slight_smile:


actualy Mohammad didnt write it down. He memorized the Koran from Gabriel and then his followers wrote it down shortly after his death. because theres not a lot of documentation of those times besides early muslem writings theres really no way to disprove it, either u believe it or u dont

Here is what the Catholic Encyclopedia says :


If it is your own idea that you should try to refute Islam I honestly advise you to do something else instead, you could probably make a much better project if you chose to do something else and preferably something which doesn’t offend anyone.

Hi Chuck
I made the same jump Baptist to Catholic, myself and I have never looked back…no regrets except for going to mass by myself. I am the only Catholic.

This might be helpful in understanding although the use of it is your call. Mohammed was an epileptic and had Gran Mal seizures. You can google the medical aspects and manifestations of epilepsy for a clue as to where his “voices” originated. God bless you.

As much as I would love to see a project that refutes Islam, the truth is I’m 99.99% sure that that is NOT what your instructor is looking for and building a project to refute Islam will probably guarantee you to get a failing grade.

So just bite your tongue and write your typical bland, unoriginal, poorly-thought-out politically correct project that embraces the concept of Islam.

There are plenty of Islamic sources you can find on the Internet that doesn’t require you to go out of your way to speak to an Imam, just make sure the websites are Islamic and not Jihadist or anti-Islamic sites.

you have to be able to find out what is a true muslim before asking what you believe…

there are many different types of muslim…like there are many types of christians

there are 73 different types of Muslims.

some of these major groups are

and many other small Muslim groups which have not being recognised world wide

they have different views on there beliefs…

now the koran,does not stand on its own in debate… you have to read the hadith…

and moslems usualy say to non muslims that you have to read arabic to understand the koran(thats like saying you have to read latin to understand the bible)

on islam i would ask a few simple questions like…

what happens to people moslems who leave islam,womens rights,gay rights,non muslims rights.

the last paragraph of the link…

In matters political Islam is a system of despotism at home and aggression abroad. The Prophet commanded absolute submission to the imâm. In no case was the sword to be raised against him. The rights of non-Moslem subjects are of the vaguest and most limited kind, and a religious war is a sacred duty whenever there is a chance of success against the “Infidel”. Medieval and modern Mohammedan, especially Turkish, persecutions of both Jews and Christians are perhaps the best illustration of this fanatical religious and political spirit.

Is this actually a debate format? I’d get clarification from the teacher on the nature of the assignment. And then I would go to the public library and look up some books on Islam. You’d want to determine its core beliefs, in addition to the cultural and geopolitical topics some others have mentioned.

Hint: It’s always impressive, and adds weight to your cause, when you have actual reference material. When I was on debate team in high school, we were required to have references for each point we were making or refuting. Having cited references kept the debate from degenerating into a forum for unfounded opinion.

If you will notice (if you are defending the cause of Christianity,) Jesus, the writers of the Gospels, and others were able to refer back to Mosaic Law or to various prophecies. What they said wasn’t just their opinion that they were pulling out of thin air! One of the reasons Jesus’ teachings were so compelling is that any halfway educated Jewish person of Our Lord’s time would have instantly recognized the references as being very grounded in either the Law or the prophets.

Take a stack of index cards with you to the library to write out your citations. Then, if you are actually doing a debate, you will have them right with you on the podium.

I wish that were true in my case, however sometimes bias will win out. When I was in High School, I lost a debate to people who referenced Wikipedia (and this was when it wasn’t even allowed to be used as a ‘starting point’ for research). So even using great sources from academia and government…won’t guarantee you a winner if the judges are inherently biased themselves.

If I remember right, Mohammad was illiterate. He did not write the Q’uran. From what I understand, it was written by his followers shortly after his death. I do understand that Muslims consider it a miracle of Allah that the message is written as it is based upon the original teacher was so uneducated that he couldn’t even read and write. (Assuming you read it in the original Arabic)

hi chuck - with the magic of internet you can check this one out quick and use as source material.

Why would you be disappointed in a teacher trying to get their students to refute Islam? Refuting Islam would be a great way to show them that they belong to a religion that is false in many ways but also true in some ways. It would be a great way to evangelize them if you can show them Islam is false. If you can show them that Islam is false then you can then show them that Catholicism is true.

Well lets put it this way. He felt he was a Prophet, Now we are taught in the Bible that Jesus was the Last and will be the next to come.

So to make it short and quick the answer to your question is Muhammed is a self proclaimed Prophet. One of many! Or false Prophet, depending how you want to tell it.

Thats right, I forgot about that. He could not read. Then remember in one of his teaching he claims he was told to read something and claims that was part of his calling or something.

But the ironic part of this teaching is IT claims he read something, then Claims he could not read!:shrug:

You go ahead and you do your project. Some of the naysayers on this thread would try and dissuade you for this, that and the other wishy washy reason…but go on and do your project.

Some food for thought: Islam in its beginnings, was originally seen as a hodge podge mixture of over-simplified christianity and judaism. It was considered a heresy back then.

In my honest opinion- it still is; a violent heretic cult.

I probably won’t be allowed much more time on this thread so take what you can and run with it. You may be subject to persecution and/or violence in your school but…you drive on.

May God bless you.

Ah! Total evidence ! undeniable proof! my heart is a flutter.

Evidence that I may fling against my atheist fellows when they say that Christians have no sense of humor. :smiley:

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