School Refuses Student Transfers from Transsexual Teacher’s Classroom


School Refuses Student Transfers from Transsexual Teacher’s Classroom

School Refuses Student Transfers from Transsexual Teacher’s Classroom
Parent: “I have to go home and tell a 14 year old you have to talk to a teacher who’s a male in female clothing"
By Gudrun Schultz
BATAVIA, New York, September 8, 2006 ( – A school district in western New York has refused to transfer high school students out of classes being taught by a transsexual teacher, denying a request by parents.
Five parents submitted written requests to the district board, asking that their children be removed from the classroom of a male teacher undergoing sex change medical treatment, reported. The earth sciences teacher has begun dressing as a woman. The teacher has been with the Batavia School District for eight years.
Superintendent Richard Stutzman said the parents’ requests did not meet the district guidelines. Other students were granted transfers based on changes to their program of study.


send your letter of protest to the superintendant here


This is very infuriating. :mad:


I sent a letter to the Superintendant. I hope he opens HIS eyes as we’re always told to do.


This is ONE of the MANY reasons why I homeschool!!!:smiley: We do not have to take this insanity! Schools used ot be for education–not playgrounds for .pushing moral limits.!


Thank God they haven’t made parochial and homeschooling illegal…(yet).


No, but systematically they are closing. Making something illegal isn’t the only way to render it useless.

I wish every Catholic would feel the pressure and take a stand.


When our parents were in school this man would have been considered mentally ill and therefore unfit to teach children.

While he may have gifts and talents that he could share with the adult community, I think it is twisted, confusing and utterly inappropriate to inflict his “transition” upon children when there are plenty of other options for teachers. It is even more unthinkable that tolerance for alternative lifestyles has morphed into intolerance for other’s values, senstivities and preferences and downright insane that parents can not “opt out” of exposing their children to crossdressing and transexuality in a classroom.


This is the problem we had in my son’s martial arts school. One of the instructors was a woman who was lesbian and had a little boy (biologically hers) and a partner (the boy’s “other mother”). Then she decided that she was going to have a sex-change operation and wanted all the children (some as young as four) to start calling her “Bob”.

We lost several students, but the head instructor’s hands were tied. This woman knew people high in city government, attorneys who specialized in defending people with her kind of discrimination issues. She pretty much warned us that she could take the school down if we had a problem with her. What we finally ended up doing (since my husband is an instructor at that school and didn’t want us to shut down) may seem like a cop-out, but it worked. We ignored her. That is, we didn’t make a fuss about what she was doing. But we didn’t go out of our way to speak to her either, or give her any special consideration. After a while, I guess she got fed up with not getting any attention and she and her family left the school. We had kept in contact with the students who had left and most came back.

While we understood their reasons for leaving, it made things hard on us. We lost revenues during that time and didn’t get any new students while this was going on (small town; EVERYbody knows what’s going on) but it was either try not to stir this woman up or lose the school we had worked so hard to build. She didn’t care that we were losing students, that we might have to shut down. She knew the instructors did not agree with her lifestyle, even if they never came out and said so. She tried to use us to make a point and there was NOTHING we could do to stop her. The head instructor even talked to an attorney and was told we had no recourse.

What can one do in a situation like this? We didn’t want to shut down, since the school provided a great service to many people in the community and had a long history of respected instructors. We kept our tuition low because we knew a lot of our students’ families couldn’t afford the other schools in our town and we knew most of our students personally. We prayed a great deal for this to get resolved and we feel God took care of the situation, but it’s scary to think that this could happen and we have no options but to give in or give up.

Please pray for all of us!


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