School Survey Asks: Who'll Get Pregnant?

Crossing the line?

School Survey Asks: Who’ll Get Pregnant?

JACKSON, Miss. – The father of a sixth-grader in Jackson, Miss., said he wants a teacher fired following a survey students completed that said his daughter will likely get pregnant before graduating high school, local station WAPT reported.

Curtis Lyons said that when his daughter came home from Chastain Middle School Monday she told him what had happened.

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In my opinion, yes and it is further proof of why the public school system is becoming a farce.

The students were also asked which one of them would most likely die of AIDS. :eek: Horrible survey.:frowning:

Although I would have to ask if I was the father why this girl’s classmate thought she would end up pregnant.

Either, she’s starting early… or she has cruel class mates, either is just as plausible as the other.

And I think in my opinion giving students a survey like that is disgusting.

It is more then inappropriate it is also cruel. I would hate to be in that girls position it kind of says what her classmates might really think of her.

I think she has a cruel teacher, to purposely expose students to that sort of public humiliation. What was the “survey” supposed to teach?

And I think in my opinion giving students a survey like that is disgusting.

I agree. It is also irresponsible.

Anyone notice that since they took God out of the public schools they have nothing but problems? I understand that you can’t teach a specific religous doctrine in a public school but taken God completely out was stupid. Many kids today have no values or morals. Now they are being taught by products of a Godless educational system.

I’d put more credence in the “cruel classmates” as the girl in question is an honors student, and there are a lot of students who would do anything to “take down a peg” someone who’s top of the class (rather than study themselves so as to compete for top marks).

I think the survey questions are ALL inappropriate. It’s not like the children would have scientific reason to backup their selections, it’s more of a ‘unpopularity contest’, IMO. “Who’s going to die? Who’s going to get pregnant? Who’s going to contract AIDS?” … pointless, cruel, and utterly inappropriate (they said all the students’ names were listed … but was “No one on this list” given as a valid option?

And for the teacher to take the inappropriateness another step and TELL students “well, you’re one of the four that everyone says will ___” I mean, really–what is the purpose in THAT? I agree with the father–if the teacher thinks this is “extend[ing] the basic courtesy of appropriate decorum to all students and [using] good professional judgment in the selection of instructional activities”–then that is one teacher who has no business anywhere NEAR a classroom except as a student.

Update on this:

School ‘stonewalls’ over pregancy poll
Parents erupt after children also ranked for AIDS, death

Parents whose children attend a Mississippi school embroiled in controversy after a science teacher had 6th-graders vote on who was most likely to become pregnant – or be dead – by age 19 say officials now are stonewalling them.

Parent Curtis Lyons wants to see the assignment given his daughter, but is being told he won’t be allowed to review it.

“I have a right to see that assignment,” he told WND today, “but I’ve been refused.”

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Yes, he does have the right but this is typical of the Secular Relativists who think parents lose their rights when their children walk through the school doors.

To put the WND article in perspective, you need to know this:

On Wednesday, school officials issued an apology to parents.

“The district shares the concern of the parents and students and extends an apology to those who were subjected to this experience,” the statement read. “In an effort to address this matter with the teacher and to express our displeasure regarding this act, we have recommended disciplinary action.”

Officials didn’t release the teacher’s name and wouldn’t say what disciplinary action was taken, citing the teacher’s right to confidentiality.

The statement said the teacher submitted the lesson plan for administrative review but had not given the specifics on the survey. School officials said the teacher used “poor professional judgment.”

I probably would’ve been voted 'Most Likely to Die a Virgin".:stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, the survey was inappropriate.

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