School uniforms

ok, so I know I used to post a lot of questions about females wearing pants and whatnot and most of you said I was being overscrupulous.

but why do most catholic schools require girls to wear skirts only for their uniforms then?

also, another slightly related question. do the school teachers have to wear the uniforms as well? I know there is usually a dress code but is it the same as the students?

At the Catholic school I go to, the girls sometimes wear skirts, but they can also wear shorts like the guys.
And no, the teachers do not have to follow the student dress code.

Believe me, the public schools should have uniforms – some time ago I was coming home from downtown and public school students got on the street car – their clothes were TERRIBLE-- nothing fit them -everything was hanging off them – I wassomewhat amazed – then a few stops later Catholic school students got on the car and what a difference – their clothes fit them and they looked great!

:confused: All of the Catholic schools in my city (both parochial and private) allow the girls to wear khaki or navy pants or walking shorts (color depends on school’s preference), along with skirts. Some elementary schools even offer the classic “Catholic school girl” plaid jumper along with the khaki/navy pants option.

Most of the public and charter schools in my area also have uniforms- khaki pants and solid color polo shirts…same as the Catholic high schools.

I have never heard of teachers wearing uniforms. Is this something new or something regional or cultural in your location?

Indeed. Such vulgar clothing some reckless public school students wear.

How many of those schools were not in existence more than 30 years ago? It was the cultural thing for girls to wear skirts, skorts, jumpers, etc. I did, in the 80’s. It was conservative; it looked good; it was distinctive and everyone knew where you belonged; and as a poor kid, I didn’t have to compete with the rich kids-- as if I ever paid attention to clothes, but some do. :wink:

Pretty much everyone looks good in a Catholic school uniform or a Japanese school uniform. I wouldn’t mind seeing more uniforms on the local public school kids. :slight_smile:

It’s dignifying and flattering for girls to be in skirts/jumpers for uniforms.

It just is. :shrug:

It demonstrates a difference between the genders.

When women dressed for a formal setting…they’d wear a dress or a skirt.

Even the formal military uniforms stress for women to wear the skirts, blouses and pumps. It’s classy and tasteful.

Teachers need to be recognized as an authority figure. That can’t be achieved if they are wearing the same thing as the students.

Business attire is appropriate and I’m sure they have pretty strict regulations on what is considered appropriate for a teacher.

Most of the female teachers in my daughter’s catholic school wear dresses and flats or a business type suit and a skirt.
They look good and they look professional.

I wish all schools required school uniforms.


Why do you believe that to be the case? You are assuming, probably based on stereotypes.

Years ago, the cultural norm was that girls wore dresses and skirts. In public school too. That was the dress code when I was in (public) elementary school.

It’s up to the school what dress code they have, but my niece is in Catholic elementary school and they have skirt and pant options (and shorts when it is hot).


Teachers typically do not have a dress code, I’m not sure where you have gotten that idea.

my catholic elementary school let girls wear pants starting november 1st (though there was one time that my mom wrote a note explaining why I was wearing slacks - it was cold and I would get cold very easily and there were times it was cold in october and combined with outside recess…) So, yes, at least back in the late 1980s, we were allowed to wear pants. I would have froze in just a skirt in the winter for recess.

So, are you sure girls aren’t allowed to wear uniform slacks? I think they should be allowed.

Before my Alma mater high school switched to uniforms (After I graduated) we had a dress code, but no uniforms (well, except for shorts…we had to wear Dennis brand uniform shorts if we wore shorts). We could dress in slacks and nice shirts or sweaters… Or nice skirts that came to the knee. No Jeans.

The schools where my kids attended only required the girls to wear skirts on Mass days (once a week) and for special presentations. On the other days, they wore slacks or (in high school) shorts. It’s Texas, though, and a lot of the girls wore skirts in high school even on non-Mass days since they were more comfortable than long pants in warm weather.

Our kids did attend one school where the teachers wore uniforms. Khaki pants or skirts and button-down shirts/blouses. The students’ uniform was different. But usually, the dress code for teachers is roughly equivalent to business casual.

When I taught at a Catholic boys high school there was a strict dress code for lay teachers.
We were expected to dress as professionals. At that time it meant suits & ties or sports coats and ties.

Today I see teachers wearing polo shirts and chinos. That’s fine for a professional golfer…but why dress down to appease the students??

I guess it depends on the school then. seems like in this archdioceses, they emphasize skirts and kilts. I’ve looked on school websites

and I know there’s a dress code for teachers here, I’m just not sure exactly what it is. I personally don’t like skirts or dresses and only wear them on formal occasion because social norms dictate, and especially don’t like them in colder weather so it would be a definite bonus if I didn’t have to wear one to work every day.

guess that’s why this whole thing was such a sticking point for me. I just don’t really understand why skirts are supposed to be more inherently feminine than pants, both pieces of fabric, not sure what the big deal is.

oh well, i’ll worry about it if I ever get hired, I guess

If you read this description from a Catholic School in Delaware (last page)

The answer is pretty simple: if you ask boys to wear ties, in today’s society skirts for girls would be the female version of wearing ties.

It’s the same in the business world.

So, it’s not about saying that pants are not modest. It’s saying we are going to hold girls to the same level of dress as we are holding the boys to.

Don’t you feel sorry for the Scotsmen that have to wear Kilts? LOL!! I know, I have a silly sense of humor. I guess they don’t wear them much anymore other for formal or dress parades.

I think you would like The Australian Public school system,.
Uniforms are compulsory , school Principles stand vigilantly against any teen with a shirt not tucked in ,

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