Schoolgirl suspended for shaving hair in support of Dad [CNAU]

Nov 10, '09 5:00 pm
A 15 year old Mount Alvernia College student who shaved her head to raise money for cancer has been suspended for breaking school rules by going bald.


What is this world coming to if a girl can’t show her support for her dying father? The school, being a Catholic school, should have no qualms against this! The family has already looked in the handbook, and there seem to be no rule against it.

Is there some cultural taboo against shaving one’s head in Australia? That’s the only reason I can think of for the school having a problem with this.

So what if it was the girl undergoing chemo, and she lost her hair? What would they say then?

Hopefully the bone marrow transplant works and her father will have a full recovery. I think school is taking their dress code too far. They won’t let her back in until her hair grows out. How far out? Because when I shaved what was left of my hair off after I lost it to chemo ( and my husband shaved his head in solidarity) it took a long time for it to look like a normal but short hair style. I think the school should show some compassion for the situation.

Is this school catholic in name only like Notre Dame? Who is in charge of this school in the catholic heirarchy?

I think good catholics should hold a peaceful protest in front of the school and ask for mercy and to put function and intent and motive over “form”.

If she is being reprimanded over other matters mentioned in the article that should be made clear. I am guessing they may have had incidents with “skinhead” racists there, but it’s a guess. If that is the case, they should have ammended their policy and dress code/uniform code. If they did not, then this girl should seek legal counsel. I am sure someone would be willing to take it pro bono.

Sound like something that would have happened here in the US.

If the school had such a problem with it, why didnt they just ask her to wear a wig while she was in school. Would be the logical thing to do, I think.

There is nothing logical about a christian school demanding any such thing. If anything, they are abusing her rights to grieve. If she was Jewish (and yes Jews do attend catholic schools) and ripped her clothes in grieving, would she be in trouble now?

This girl is facing the possibility of loosing a father. And, that school is facing loosing tuition from this family also.

Not to mention all the bad press regarding this case, which may effect enrollment next year.

What kind of school that calls itself christian would do this to a young girl who is facing the possibility of her father dying?

I never said anything about demanding the girl to wear the wig.

If the school officials thought for some reason she might get made fun of or something, they should have ASKED, her if and he parents she would, during school. That is my logical conclusion.

Suspending her is just plain stupid.

I agree suspending her is just plain stupid, and their stupidity should be challenged in a court of law.:slight_smile:


My older daughter donated her hair when my 3-year-old niece was diagnosed with leukemia. When the stylist asked how she wanted her shortened hair styled, she replied “Shave it all off, so my cousin will have a ‘bald buddy’.”

Kids are amazing creatures, aren’t they? This girl, like my daughter, deserves kudos for what she’s done, not punishment.


First off this girl is right up there with the lad in Arkansas Link, reading about to uber awesome kids in a week really gives me some hope for the future. :thumbsup:

Now then a pox on this school for there treatment of her and reminding me why I never want to send any kid of mine to a religious school!

I am all for dress codes in Catholic schools, but it is hard to see the school officials here as being anything other than rule-bound to the point of being heartless.

Most people with any sense at all can see the direct connection between what the girl did and cancer.

No, the girl is above and beyond the kid in Arkansas. He doesnt hold a candle to her.

Now then a pox on this school for there treatment of her and reminding me why I never want to send any kid of mine to a religious school!

Yes, of course, because in public schools these things do not happen.

How terrible! It’s a sad day indeed when an act of family love gets punished like that.

What if she *had * to cut her hair for some reason. Or as others pointed out, she was the one getting chemo. Never mind being cold hearted suspending her like that was just silly.

You made me remember a “Hallmark” type of classic movie where the girl cuts her hair in order to buy a christmas gift for her love.

She must not have been catholic I guess.:shrug:

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