Schoolhouse Rock

Does anybody else remember ABC’s Schoolhouse Rock videos? Conjunction Junction and How a Bill Becomes a Law? You can find them all here.

Here’s one that seems a propos:

Walking on Wall St.


I’m such a nerd I have the DVD. : /

I think I’ve “out-nerded” you… I can STILL sing the Preamble to the Constitution from memory!

I bought my kids the entire set when they came out in VHS–the kids were still young enough (I thought) to be impressed and excited by them as I was when I was a kid.

They weren’t. My “mom is a dork” status is forever secured!

excellent thank you

Augh, bad memories of being forced to sing along with the Preamble in grade school. :hypno:

Lol, we have the album, and I too can sing the Preamble from memory, and several other songs…Interplanet Janet for one. :slight_smile:

Nerd on, you crazy diamonds!

I love Conjunction Junction! So yes, I remember them. Back in junior high, Schoolhouse Rock was so awesome that my classmates (who were too cool for everything else and I mean eerything else) demanded it every so often.

The game was tied at seven all, uh-huh-huh,
When Franklin found he had the ba-hall.
He made a connection
In the other direction,
And the crowd starting shouting out interjections…

Aw! You threw the wrong way!
Darn! You just lost the game!
Hurray! I’m for the other team!

Interjections (Aw!)

Show excitement (Darn!)

Or emotion (Hurray!).
They’re generally setapartfromasentence by an exclamation point,
Orbyacomma when the feeling’s not as strong. :stuck_out_tongue:

No kidding…my classmates (honors students by the way) and I watched them every english class in high school. Plus the Bill one in Senior government class. Actually let me somewhat correct that…we begged the teachers to let us watch them.:smiley: Good times.

When I was in Jr. high (way back in the day) one of our teachers made each one of us recite the preamble to the constitution one at a time before the class or face a failing grade. Although we were supposed to recite it you could not miss the cadence of Schoolhouse rock from most of the kids. “Promote the general welfare a-hand…”. Great memory.

I’m even nerdier, I have the VHS. I almost showed Multiplication Rock to my third graders yesterday!

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