Schools are removing analogue clocks from exam halls as teenagers 'cannot tell

Kids don’t know how to tell time??


This article is completely UK-centric. American kids are still smarter than that. Aren’t they?


If this is true, then there is something seriously wrong. I could understand it if it was more difficult to see the hands on the clock from the back of the room, but just not being able to read it? That is shocking.

Unfortunately, this is true in the U.S. I work in a high school and the kids cannot tell time unless its digital. Kids would come in the office and ask the time, we would point to the clock and they would just stare. It took us awhile to figure out the problem and why they were asking. It’s sad as analog clocks help with math, fractions, units of measure (baking), estimating…


This is obsolete display technology.
Why bother with this?

Probably few kids nowadays know how to crack a whip,either.


I don’t think it is obsolete - clearly, it’s disadvantaging people.

Happy birthday, by the way!


No, but getting there - clock faces and me.

Maybe we are getting there, but we’re not there yet and I still think it’s an important skill to have. We can’t be too reliant on technology.

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Analog clocks are a technology.

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Fair enough. I was referring more to phone screens and smart watches, I guess. The problem is (relating it to the article) they cannot be used in an exam setting. So overly relying on those items to tell the time is not the greatest.

Did schools stop teaching how to read a clock in the earlier grades? I get that it takes a bit more mental power to compare times, but Not that much more

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Likely, few ever did.

One thing about analog clocks is that there are mechanical ones that do not need electricity. There are no mechanical non-analog clocks, as far as I know.

Yes. I’m wearing a mechanical watch right now.

It has a couple of advantages. One, I can tell what time it is with my glasses off. I can’t do that with the digital clock on my cell phone, or even the digital clock/radio next to my bed. Two, I don’t have to worry about the battery dying at a bad time.

I think the story is a bit over-hyped – I’ve never met a kid who couldn’t tell time (at an appropriate age) from an analog clock. But still, some older technologies are really, really suited to the job. I’m not saying we should go back to sundials or anything, but the conventional clock face is just about perfect for the job it does.


this is sooooooooo sad!

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I have an analogue clock in my 5th grade classroom and I refuse help themwith the time.
I tell them they should know by now. Come see me at lunch and I’ll show you

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Our school installed analog on purpose when the digital ones malfunctioned. Yes, they learn analog time in grade school but if you never use it, its easy to forget

I never learned to use a sundial myself.

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I’m dyslexic. I hate analog clocks. I waste an inordinate amount of time staring at them and doing the math.


100 years ago there is no way I would of held a Masters, nevermind worked in education. While I don’t think this is generally the case, I do wonder how much of education today is actually a reflection of a group of people who were endeared to education because of teachers who helped them overcome difficulty and provided a sense of accomplishment. It’s well known that children will often pursue careers related to the places that they gained that feeling.

Or sign their names in cursive. Just do it digitally. So creative!

It’s not so hard to tell time–just teach them how.

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