Schools move to restrict Twilight books [CNAU]

Sep 13, ‘09 5:00 pm
At least one school library is removing from its shelves the novels in Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series, which explore the relationship between a teenage girl and a vampire, saying the books’ adult theme might be too much for children.


these books are sooooo popular. i have not read them, but my daughter-in-law has read each one more than once. she had me watch the first movie with her one night.

i don’t think these books are good for children. they are of a very adult nature - different from the Harry Potter series (although i am not sure those were so great either).

personally, i cannot understand the fascination with vampires in the movies and books these days.

I’ve read my daughter’s Twilight Books. They’re all trash. Like bad fanfiction. It’s on the level of Dan Brown if not worse. What happened to teenagers reading Shakespeare, Tocqueville, and Tolstoy and the ancient classics?

This book could replace anesthesia.

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