Schools must allow transgender bathrooms, Department of Education says


When I was young, I doubt anyone ever dreamed of such a thing and even if they had of, all hell would have broke loose from parents. It would today too if I was a parent with kids in school. . God Bless, Memaw


Houston, we have an ontological problem …




It’s time for parents to get together, get some lawyers, and sue every school board in the country. The basic premise:

“If your schools do not install cameras at every school bathroom to show who goes in and out, every day, we will sue for child endangerment.”

And if money is the issue, set up a “Protect our Kids” fund and crowd fund the cameras and related equipment. Safety trumps.



:thumbsup: Especially the bolded. The left has turned a non-issue into yet another battleground to force their views on the American public. It won’t stop there.


What is progressivism’s goal?


And to think that nun-taught Catholic private schools were free if you couldn’t afford it during my dad’s childhood in New York City.

Catholics who can pay for a Catholic private school won’t worry much about this LGBT imposition in their children’s education. But what about the poor or lower middle class? You can do all you can to teach your children on morality and forming their conscience, but society and the media play a big role in influencing people in one way or another. It’s best to be surrounded by liked minded people than to be “alone” between peers that might curropt the child.


See, I don’t agree with that part of it.

I support Catholic teaching on this matter. And I agree that a biological male in the women’s locker room would make people uncomfortable.

But, from what I posted in an earlier thread:

The pending proposal in Massachusetts defines “gender identity”:

So, in the case of the “perv” described earlier, I’d say the school would be able to do something abut it.


Unfortunately safety does not rule the day, insanity does. I wish something could be done legally but I fear the train has left the station and is not coming back.


Uhhhh pretty sure it was a republican legislature in North Carolina that made this into an issue, the “left” is just reacting to it.


Yeah, we’re in the same boat. We’ll have to see what our local district does.


We had a case here in MO where a high male identified as a female, and wanted to use the women’s locker room. He would not accept a gender neutral room. He insisted on using the women’s rest room. Now MO is considering a law on this as well.

When school began on Aug. 13, Perry told school administrators that she wanted to use the girls’ bathroom and locker room, instead of the unisex bathroom she had used as a junior.

Tell me who started it?


I guess the term “peeping Tom” is obsolete.

I guess the new term is “gender identity confused but very clean frequent user of the shower Tina”.

It makes me sad for children born today who will grow up in this world and think this is normal. The morality of our society is on its deathbed.

Anyone who speaks out against this insanity instantly becomes the evil bigot that deserves punishment.

I hope everyone says an extra prayer today for America. America needs it.


Uhhh - pretty sure it was a Democratic legislature is Charlotte that made this into an issue, the “right” just reacting to it.



Amen. Thanks for reminding us.


I seriously am afraid of the future of this country.


The only thing I can think is Obama wants to insure that his legacy of being the worst president in American history will stand far into the future, His record as being the president most devoid of common sense will last eternally. It cannot be broken.


I agree. I actually think there is an increasing incoherence, along with the belligerence, to this activism too. Especially in an election year.


It is time for sacrifice by Catholics across the spectrum.

– Parents who can afford to pay for their kids to attend Catholics schools, should do that.
– Couples, grandparents, singles, and anyone I am not thinking of, should contribute to the Catholic schools so that more kids can attend and so that more Catholics are purchased/built/opened.

It is time for us to put our words into action.


It’s only a matter of time before Catholic schools are forced to violate our moral beliefs.
The effort is already underway to eradicate the exercise of religion anywhere but in the chuch building. I predict that within 10 years the Catholic Church will be forced to perform samesex weddings or bishops will go to jail. Catholic hospitals will be taken by the state when we refuse to violate conscience, and our schools will be forced to follow state guidlines. I give it 10 years.

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