Sci-fi Films/Books and Catholicism/Christianity

I’ll second the recommendation for the Space Trilogy - though my favorite one is the third and final volume, That Hideous Strength. Very well written and incredibly interesting. It even ties loosely in with Tolkien’s Middle Earth, which was being developed when Lewis wrote the Trilogy.

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The film Serenity has several good Christian themes in it, though there are a couple of nasty scenes and some scary references also present. Specifically, living one’s life according to ideals, living not so much for one’s own good as for the good of others, and self-sacrifice - as shown by the hero, Captain Mel Reynolds, at the film’s climax. Very good movie.

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Not Sci-fi, but the most Catholic TV series I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately it just ended (an 81 episode run).

What I’m referring to is “Jumong”.

The setting is Korea, approximately 50BC (about the same time frame as Julius Cesear). The actors are all speaking Korean, but with English subtitles - not a problem, really. The entire series is 81 episodes long, and has been airing a new episode every night M-F on the AZN cable network.

In general, think “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” quality.

  1. The plot is good, a cliff hanger at the end of each episode.

  2. Lots of action / Kung Fu / swordfighting - but never shows any “real” gore. Safe for kids. The kung fu scenes are Jet Li quality.

  3. Intrigue. Lots of intrigue. People at their best, and worst.

  4. Beautiful rural settings as well as temples, palaces, etc.

  5. No explicit sex. Instead you get 2 “lovers” standing 4 feet from each other, and loving each other with their eyes. It wasn’t until about episode 50 that you actually had an incident of hand holding, and a respectful hug (after a tragic loss).

  6. Moral lessons galore. More on that below.

Moral lessons:

a) How power corrupts.

b) Families driven apart by the lust for power.

c) How God uses those very things by which we sin to punish us.

d) How lack of virtue leads to the downfall of individuals, and even nations.

e) How always doing the right thing is a good thing.

f) How we all at one time or another must make a decision to do good or evil, and the profound effects of those decisions.

g) Admitting sins against another person, seeking forgiveness, and volunteering penance. Some of the most moving scenes in the series…

h) How the desire for revenge just gets you into more trouble.

i) How those who aren’t very good at “evil” even though they try hard should actually count their blessings.

j) Humility. And lack of it.

k) Respect for parents.

L) Honor / Integrity.

M) Personal growth.

N) How once you start down the path of evil, it becomes second nature, and you lose your soul.

This is not a Christian program per-se (it takes place BC), but is remarkably Christian in terms of the moral lessons. It presents religion in a positive light, and is not offensive. Virtues are respected, and not trivialized.

If this show ever airs again, I HEARTILY recommend it to all.

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