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So there’s a whole slew of Star Wars, Star Trek, or Doctor Who, or whatever, even some Aliens and Predator novels. Obviously these are cheaper to produce than a graphic novel or TV/film, plus, there is a large fan base for all these that want to follow more stories. So why aren’t there novelizations or more novelizations of some very popular shows like X-Files or Firefly? I know X-Files had like 5 novels, but nothing since like 1999. Firefly has nothing I know of. Are there legal rights or something at work?

You’d think in the world of ebooks where there aren’t even printing costs anymore, people would want to take advantage of this and make some money and give the fans more to fan about!

For Firefly my guess is fairly cynical. I bet Fox still owns the rights, so not allowing any books means they don’t have to keep hearing about what a stupid decision it was to cancel the series.

Yah… X - files was great -except for all the gross parts. I’d like to see more X-files movies too. I liked Mulder and Scully. Great chemistry there.

Methinks a continuation of this series would be …ahem…rather…er …timely too -eh?:wink:

See here: and here:
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Not to mention that the series finale in 2002 had Mulder linking an alien invasion with the 2012 Mayan calendar prophecy. I think what killed that series (at least for now) was the TERRIBLE 2008 movie. Not only was it anti-Catholic, but it was just like a bad episode.

You may have something there. I wish they would look at it from a profitability standpoint though, instead of pride.

I was never a Firefly fan (What is it you call yourself? Oh yeah, Browncoats!). But didn’t a lot of the characters get killed off in Serenity? That limits the possibility for novels to “past” events or a follow-on universe.

As for X-files… You’d probably have to have novels that were pre-2000 or so. I think there are still talks going on about a third X-files movie. Fox is unwilling to fund one right now but I don’t think they want to give up the rights to do so in the future. And I don’t suppose they want any “current day” novels because they probably don’t want anything that could mess with the storyline. I honestly don’t know how they could do another movie now. …unless they have it set in 2012. Most fans I know only want a movie if it deals with the whole 2012 situation.

This might be a SPOILER for some, but yes, two characters were killed in the Serenity movie, but even one of them was hardly in the movie anyway (and was probably in the TV show the least).

All that being said, it amazes me how badly Hollywood messes things up sometimes, quashing ideas and profits at the same time for whatever reason.

Quite true.

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