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I was listening to something on the radio, on a Baptist based station here in Jacksonville, and they were trying to explain the flood…and the age of the Earth. For one, Ive always held the older Earth age view…4.6 billion years old. What exactly as Catholics are we to believe? What does the church state on Evolution? Age of the Earth? Etc…


Here is something that can help Creation
also the design argument


Thanks! That helped alot!!


I like to keep mentioning the Internetional Theological Commission statement, published July 2004. It is a bit more sophisticated than some of the other stuff you will find, plus it was endorsed by Cardinal Ratzinger (now the Pope). It covers what we know from science, and a little on the “intelligent design” debate.

Communion and Stewardship: Human Persons Created in the Image of God

See especially paragraphs 62-70.

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