Science and faith: Bridging the gap through education


VATICAN CITY — Creationism vs. evolution, scientific method vs. ethics, science vs. faith, the Church’s censure and rehabilitation of Galileo Galilei. For centuries, there have been countless confusion and arguments pitting science against faith as if they were two opposing forces.

In the hopes of dispelling lingering myths and misunderstandings, one ecclesiastical institute has launched a unique online course explaining the compatible roles religion and science play in seeking meaning and knowledge in today’s world.

Sponsored by the Pontifical Council for Culture, the “Science and Faith in Dialogue” program is run by the Theological Faculty of Catalonia in Barcelona, Spain, and it seeks to bridge the gap between science and faith through education.


There is no true gap between science and religion because God created the natural world
Most scientists do not believe that though and seek purely natural reasons for everything in existence including man.
Science is ever changing as we learn more but God is the same yesterday,today,and tomorrow.


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