Science and Religion

I am doing a class about science and religion and how they are compatible and even complimentary. I wanted to use some direct examples of items that have been controversial in the past, but are truly not controversial when considered. I have included:

  1. The Big Bang - the means by when God created the universe
  2. Cloning - controversial aspect not allowed by the Church
  3. Evolution - how it can be complimentary to the creation of man

Can anyone think of any other topics I may want to cover?


How about Birth control/abortion? This affects the birth rate in the counties that approve of it, and these same countries are, in some cases, showing a decline in population.

If you are looking for things like cloning, then other immoral science practices could be explored - nuclear weapons, IVF, sex-change operations, artificial insemination, euthanasia, etc

I’m sorry that I can’t recall where I saw it, but try googling for a list of scientific contributions made by Catholics (especially priests and religious). For example, Gregor Mendel was an Augustinian friar credited as the father of genetics.

Good stuff. Thanks!

If you want to go for a particularly difficult subject, then perhaps the relationship between the brain, the mind, and the soul.

You could do a piece on the Nephilim,( the giants of the Old testament), this is definitely controversial, but there is proof these beings did exist and they were different from humans.

Thankfully I had a senior priest at my parish explain them to me and what they really were…Satans first attempt to corrupt the human seed by creating a human/fallen angel hybrid, (being giant in size was just a side effect of their hybrid DNA,)and try to do it with brute force, but the flood killed them all out for a reason, and now satan tries less ‘in your face’ methods to corrupt the human seed.

I think this would be a great topic! You can also find more about them if you search the mound builders.


I have many links you might be interested in. See


Well, there’s not exactly a lot of science there. Now, I’ve heard of people trying to connect the Neanderthals or other early humans/hominids to the Nephilim, though I don’t personally buy it.

That’s another good potential topic for this class though, extinct creatures/people like the Neanderthals, Denisovians, “Hobbits”, Red Deer Cave people, etc.

God didn’t use the big bang, trillions of years of evolution etc.


Are you saying that the Big Bang was not caused by God?

Perhaps you’d want to start with a brief history of science and religion. At one time, long, long ago they were one in the same - the original tools by which humanity used to understand and explain the world around him.

I do start out with a brief explanation of how the two started, as well as their relationship both then and now. I was just looking for any specific topics that are controversial that I could breach with the class.

I think I have it down though. Practiced the lecture today and it took an hour. Unfortunately, that’s all I have for this subject. It’s a shame that all I get to prepare these kids for confirmation is one hour each week for half a year.

This is to prepare young people for Confirmation? I suggest the following:


Check this video out:

Interesting. Thanks for sharing.

Cool video. It’s always bothered me that people think science and faith have to be exclusive. I am really looking forward to teaching this particular class and hopefully changing some minds.

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