Science and the Miracle of the Sun

Hello, several years ago I made a post here linking to a web article of mine concerning something interesting regarding the miracle of the sun at Fatima. The eye witness testimony suggests, and strongly, that the ‘dance’ of the sun was actually a star going through its life cycle at a very rapid pace. A comparison between the display beheld in the sky at Fatima and the behaviors of stars shows a remarkable concordance. And there is greater import to this than the show it put on. The life cycle of stars was not properly understood by science until some years after the miracle, making it a display of superhuman knowledge as well as power.

I thought it proper to repost this now as its the 100th anniversary of the miracle, and so interest will be relatively high.

Another reason for sharing this anew is an interesting fact I’ve discovered in the interim and incorporated in my article. The sun on that day was in the house of the constellation Virgo, the virgin, and right next to its brightest light, the star called Spica. Of course the lady of Fatima was believed to be the virgin Mary, and she even wore a star on the hem of her dress. Stars behave differently based on their mass, and what the witnesses reported resembles the life of a star, but not that of our sun. The sun was said to shine with a blue light, and a star must be much larger than Sol to do so. As it so happens Spica - not only the brightest light in Virgo and very near in the sky to the sun that day, but also near the hem of her dress - is a blue star whose behavior would likely match that of the miracle. It seems the Lady may have been revealing herself to humanity as she had to the children, only here through her representative star.

If you are of a scientific inclination, and have an interest in the miracle, I believe that you’ll find the article interesting. Here is the link:

Cirrostratus optical phenomenon are a much more plausible answer.

Well, science is wonderful, but it is “amazing” how all things came together at the right time, in the right place, for the right reason. I guess that’s why it was called a miracle. And wouldn’t the death of a star be a visible astronomical effect for days and days instead of just a short time? Just pondering on it. Peace

Also, what about the luring rain that soaked the ground and people before this happened. Afterwords everyone was dry including the ground. Would a star for that?

Well, the presence of St. JP2 in Toronto back in 02 produced a very similar effect.


For such a phenomenon to take the sun’s form and light through the sequential phases of a star’s life is highly implausible, astronomically so, yet that is what the eyewitness reports describe.

I don’t believe the people witnessed the death of a star, but that they were shown a star’s life. This provided not only an awesome and faith inspiring spectacle, it has another purpose concerning our scientific culture which I explain in my article.

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